Topic waiting for moderation

I made a topic yesterday and it had to be approved.

I was gonna just copt the text annpost it elsewhere seeing as its been so long but now theres no record of it existing.
Isnthat standard?
How do i retrieve the posts text?
Its hard to recall all the points made.

Edit. No @Comedic_Hermit I cannot because pm function is not working for me at this time.
Having multiple ui issues to boot.
Hence the necessary work around.
Thanks for your service.

Edit 2 @Comedic_Hermit pm still refusing to work so if i can just get a copy of the text from the thread that needing approval for use elsewhere that would be great.

And clearly these are not a question on moderation. Rather a question on if theres a glitch as ive seen no reaponce on said moderation and have no access to the draft in question.
Simply want to use the text as i stated i would respond to another user and wish to uphold that statement.
Regardless of where i must do so.

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We review things as needed and when we’re able. If you have a question or concern about moderation you can pm the team as indicated in the rules.