Topic Subscriptions

Does Waypoint have topic subscription like many of the other forums I use on a daily basis? For example, on my car forum when you comment in a thread you are automatically subscribed to it. Then you can go to your User CP and it will show you which of your subscriptions have new posts in them. Even better is that if you click on the subscription it takes you back to the last post you read.

I post on the MCC and H5G forums a few times a week and I never know if the thread is dead or if people are posting comments. Even if I notice the activity on my own I need to search through the pages to find my post in order to see if anyone responded to me directly or just to continue the thread in general.

If this is already a thing, I’d love to know how to get it to work.

Edit: Is that what the favorite button next to reply does?

Favorites just add the thread to your list of favorited threads, there are currently no notifications or subscriptions available unfortunately. I think by default you favorite any topic you create, but you must manually favorite any others whether you reply to them or not. I posted a feature request a few days ago for highlighting unread topics, perhaps they can work part of this in as well that allows us to better keep track of threads we’ve posted in that have replies.

As stckrboy stated, I just use the Favorite topics feature to keep track of topics I’ve posted in. Unfortunately, I have to remember what page I posted in to get back on track.