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Data miners have found files for the Spartan Laser so it’s possible that it might be added in at some point. It could also just be leftover from testing or unfinished files before they decided to go with something else. That something else could easily be the Skewer.

The Skewer is basically an anti vehicle sniper with one shot kill potential on players. This lines up with the function of the Spartan Laser for the most part. Main difference is projectile ammunition with drop off and reloading instead of directed energy burst with per shot cool down. These small differences make the two functionally the same, but feel completely different. I’ve kinda wanted to go on a breakdown of these two for a while now. Thinking I’ll make a thread on it. Most likely in favor of bringing back the Spartan Laser.


Just want to say I’d also love to see the Spartan Laser return, it would make for a great counterpart to the Skewer.


The UI can’t handle it

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totally in favor of the spartan laser! i think the laser is way better because the blast is capable of hitting multiple targets in a single shot.

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I don’t think they will. I am sure I heard something where Joe was saying that it was an active choice that they wanted to reduce the number of weapons that filled the same category. So, the rail gun, laser etc were from Joes perspective just simply reskins of the same gun. The fact that these cuts aren’t followed up with anything additional is pretty dire. Especially since most of the weapons we do have are pretty poorly balanced.

Now I don’t agree with that. But I think it is informing some of these decisions. They’ve definitely leant into this esports mentality which sees the game just as a set of mechanics to host competitive events instead of as an experience and have no concern over how that harms the PVE/Campaign. If you want to play chess where each piece does something different; go play Chess. :smile:

It’s probably why the DMR has its scope removed and how they’re trying to insist that it’s not a precision weapon like the BR. Which is why they butchered the commando and in their own words tried to put the sidekick into a sidearm role. Apparently somebody thought having 4 marksman rifles was excessive in a sci fi game where there are three visually distinct factions.


Would also love to see the Spartan Laser return, along with all the classic weapons that were cut. I would happily take the SMG, Spartan Laser, Shotgun, and the actual DMR back before I would want any of the forerunner and covenant weapons that were added.

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I totally hate the Spartan laser, it’s too powerful for online gaming. With a little experience, it only takes a few seconds to destroy a vehicle, it’s too fast, it ruins the gameplay. Rockets and plasma, we can always dodge, fight, but facing the red ray of the laser charging, it only remains to pray.
In a game, in a fight, things must be balanced, so that we can defend ourselves, have the time to use a vehicle with dignity and to die under enemy fire, not be struck down by this weapon without even knowing where it comes from.

I’m of the opinion that the skewer does the same things as the laser but in a more balanced fashion since there’s more margin for error and it isn’t always a guaranteed kill. The laser would essentially shut down any vehicle gameplay whenever it was up, and given Infinite already has a pretty hefty amount of anti vehicle option I don’t think we need more (let alone the strongest in the series).

Perhaps the issue is map design was not focused on the power of this specific weapon? Unreal Tournament had the Redeemer which is honestly the coolest weapon I’ve ever seen with respect to an arena pickup, if you aren’t familiar with it check it out but it’s literally like firing a nuke.

The Spartan Laser can exist if it is treated like an ultimate weapon in BTB, a power up which both teams fight over for map control. I think Halo needs more awesomeness, balance be -Yoink!- it always funner when you’re the one with power, and that’s what the Spartan Laser is, a power weapon.

Charge up time can be tuned for balance, as can ammo reserve to limit killing potential. It’s function is already clear as an anti-vehicle weapon, so it’s not like the Spartan Laser overpowers spartans on foot.

There are already weapons in Halo Infinite that directly contradict this. How about being sniped across the map from a Sniper Rifle or a Shock Rifle, should those be removed as well? Or how about an active camo user literally appearing out of thin air?

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