Top things confusing you about Halo 4's multi

There are a lot of things that confusing about this game’s multiplayer and we haven’t gotten any answers about why. What are the most confusing things to you about the game’s multiplayer?

For me it’s…

[/li]- The Forge maps “official” premade maps (ex: Relay) are not in matchmaking

  • BTB is Infinity Slayer only with no objective gametypes to be found
  • Lack of playlists for important gametypes like Extraction and Grifball
  • Railgun’s maximum charge up time is a fraction of it’s singleplayer’s self.
  • DMR having farther aim assist (red reticule) non-zoomed and zoomed than the BR, Carbine, and Light Rifle.

The whole game is confusing.

im really upset by no griffball :frowning:

> The whole game is confusing.


Why does the Beam Rifle unscoped have more aim assist than the Human Sniper Rifle? No other Halo was like this.

Why does sprint exist if maps are made large to compensate. The only reason I can think of is to make the game easier.

Why does random ordnance exist? The purpose is to create map flow, but the series already had good map flow. If anything it discourages strategic play and still doesn’t do anything to stop camping.

Why does the sniper rifle seem harder to use even though people say it’s easier? Probably just me.

Why do new gamemodes and new maps not appear in matchmaking?

Why is there no fileshare?

Why would you put Plasma Grenades and Plasma Pistols into loadout options, even without vehicles?