Top of the Food Chain Achievement Did Not Pop

I completed a game of Warzone on the map Raid on Apex 7 on this day, October 29th 2015, at 1:58 PM EST. I have a bookmarked film with clear evidence that I, ArcticWolf2013, using a Scorpion Tank, killed Captain Hestro in his Phaeton. I got the credit for the kill, and therefore the achievement should pop, but it has not. I call upon 343i to give me the achievement I deserve! I have bookmarked a film of this game, and I would submit it as evidence if I knew how to share it on the forum!

343i, Give me this -Yoink!- achievement!

Upon further review of the film, I had taken the place of another Spartan on my team, Scotland SHUG, who left the game after being killed by an Elite in the first 30 seconds of the game. The film’s scoreboard thus identifies me as Scotland SHUG, and not ArcticWolf2013. Perhaps this is why I did not get the achievement, but I still demand that my grievance be addressed by the support team! I want my achievement!