Top Halo USA Team?

Hey guys I am watching the pro halo tournament at loving it. I was wondering what is considered the top or top 3 pro teams? Thanks !

I guess this weekend will give us insight into the top teams.

However, before the tournament started, I think Cloud9, Optic, and Sentinels would’ve been included amongst the best teams.

Yeah I feel like Senintals needa get there stuff together. They have all the all stars but aren’t playing as expected. Kinda like the Lakers these past two years

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The Raleigh tournament was pretty interesting - eUnited (who made it to the very end) and Faze also played great. Some really great teams resulting in some incredibly entertaining matches.

Cloud9 did what many expected…they’re consistently excellent. But it looks like there’s four or so other teams that will be making noise in HCS.

Looking forward to future events.

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To be honest, I did not expect eUnited to make it that far after their previous performances in the scrims and qualifiers.

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