Top 5 Reasons for Betraying a Teammate

#5 - They Betrayed You First

You’re not going to just sit there and take it, are you? Of course not! Granted, you can make an exception for inadvertent betrayals, but sometimes even then you must sticky some sense into their heads!

#4 - Camping for Spawn Sprees in Invasion

We’ve all seen those guys that hide in some obscure part of a level trying to get the Spawn Spree in Invasion. I truly shudder to think about the players that “earn” that Broseidon medal for 15 spawns in a row. I’d be so embarrassed, myself.

#3 - It’s an Inheritor

Most Inheritors are jerks, and they play the game way too much. Betraying them puts them back in their place, and with any luck, they’ll get so mad that they’ll actually go outside for a few minutes. You’re doing them a favor, truly.

#2 - Yoinkers

No one likes a yoinker. When you spend half of the match following a guy and finally get a rare assassination opportunity, you deserve to savor every precious keyframe. When possible, place a sticky an the nearest teammate right before just in case.

#1 - Revenge for the Fallen Moa

I cannot think of any purer motive for betraying teammates than to serve justice upon them for their wicked Moa killing histories. No doubt this helps to explain the headshaking rampancy of betrayals throughout Reach. Can you rightfully blame a man who so zealously protects and respects the name of the Moa? I think not!

This is a sarcastic thread, right?
Dear god let it be sarcastic.

There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.

> There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.

I think this guy is just trolling, to be honest.
I think there’s going to an immediate lock.

> There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.

> There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.

Shaking my head. There are a good handful of plenty of valid reasons.

And all so some one on your team on griff ball when you have the bomb that kill you :frowning:

> There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.

Unless they Yoink you. Betrayals are stupid and the game would be better without friendly fire.

When someone is being stupid in Grifball. That’s pretty much the only time I betray anyone on purpose. Other than that, it just isn’t worth it to betray.

If someone betrays me, I’ll let them keep betraying me until I can boot them. If they steal a power weapon, I might punch them, but won’t full on betray them. If they’re terrible with it, then I’ll just make sure they don’t get it again. If they Yoink me, it’s partially my fault for not going for the Beat Down instead. I’ll just try to be there to Yoink them if I get a chance.

Also, betraying someone just for being an Inheritor? Really? I know plenty of Inheritors who aren’t total jerks. To tell the truth, I’ve met more Inheritors that are decent people than I have ones that are total jerks.

> There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.

You good sir have never played Halo then.

> > There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.
> You good sir have never played Halo then.

What an ignorant post of yours.

bangs head on wall repeatedly

why do people feel the need to betray a teammate, why???

it’s a team game and the most important thing is winning, so why take a penalty just because you feel annoyed at a certain team mate?? why do it?? why??

> There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.

First off the biggest reason for betrayal is because you have something that your piece of -yoink- team mate wants. Be it a sniper, rocket, or a vehicle.

Second Ive actually got that broseidon medal through normal play. Got it in an elite slayer match, was fighting the whole time for your information. Im pretty proud of it because its such an interesting medal name haha.

Third betrayals are never alright, even if its a revenge betrayal youll probably get booted for it in Reach’s crappy betrayal system

Deliberate betrayals should be something you do so infrequently that you remember why. Like the pair of “teammates” on Arena/Uncaged who were going to AR me to death because I beat them to the Rockets at the start of the game. They kept spraying me after I had run all the way back to the Healthpack. This was no accident. I healed but turned and saw the frags coming in so I popped off a rocket and had just enough time to see their lifeless bodies fly over the side headed for the water before they booted me. The only thing better would have been if I had been able to drop the launcher over the side with them…

As to Grifball - I have had people betray me back for accidentally whacking them during the jump/scrum at the start, or I betrayed them trying to stop the other team from scoring. If they feel the need to “revenge” I’ll take my lumps and let it go. I do get tired of people who feel the need to spend the whole game betraying, but for the most part they aren’t that hard to avoid.

I mainly get betrayed by people who don’t know when to or how to throw a well placed grenade.


If I get purposely and blantently Yoinked, I will go on a douchbag spree and just ruin the entire game for everyone.

I’m gonna list some funny ones I’ve encountered and have heard about.

Your ex-girlfriend was put on your team.

Your teammate stole your handicapped parking space next to the base.

Your teammate just happened to jump in front of my Warthog.

Your teammate was leaning too far off the side of the Spire trying to drop a penny on someone.

Your teammate happens to be where the plasma grenade landed that you randomly threw into the air to see if you got lucky.

You accidentally showstop your teammate while he is performing an assassination and you had meant to yoink him.

Your teammate jumps onto the spinning turbines of your Falcon.

You wanted to quit the game but you didn’t want to “Quit the Game” so you decided to get yourself booted. (Did I just invent a new way to quit?..)

> There is no valid reason to betray a Teammate.


It cracks me up when I read all the posts of people trying to rationalize and justify betraying a team mate. If players put as much energy into actually killing the other team as they do messing with their own team, Reach may actually be a fun game to play again. Betraying team mates is NOT fun, NOT justifiable, and NOT the way the game was meant to be played. Hopefully Halo 4 will fix this so it never happens again. Simply creating a betrayal stat will keep track of how many betrayals a player has. Get too many, you get a nice ban as a prize.

The ONLY time I betray a team mate intentionally is when they have betrayed me or I have witnessed them betray one of my friends.

If anyone thinks I am wrong for doing so then that is their opinion and they are welcome to it.