top 5 plays!

Hey guys,

Letting you know that a new top 5 plays is out today! Check out some sweet exterminations and two for ones!

Watch video here


  • Soup.

Wow, those were great, dude. Do you do these every week or something?

I usually do gameplay commentaries so this is my first one. Glad you liked it!

If I get more positive feedback I will definitely start doing these weekly!

Those clips were pretty impressive.

1.Perhaps have an intro, nothing too fancy, just you saying welcome to this weeks top 5 and we’re gonna jump in with some slick sniper kills.
2. Which now brings me on to my next suggestion which is introduce the clip. E.g. This weeks number 3 is from Blahblahblah who show’s us really how to use the grenade launcher.
3.Have a break in between each clip just displaying the clip number whilst you introduce it.

WOW you really lucked out on that killionair. Nice!

Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Looks like it’s something I should do more often!

The second Clip was Insane haha. Great first Episode. I left a comment on the video with FeedBack

Not sure why this guy doesn’t have more subscribers!

I want to see more of these!

That was awesome. MOAR.

Thanks very much guys <3

Your support means a whole lot! I’ve reached a little milestone in subscribers too
so that’s just awesome!

My channel

Can’t believe the killionaire guy didn’t get pummeled :confused:

I have a nice clip for the next one if you want it…