Top 5 Improvements to Postgame Celebrations

After each game of Halo 5 ends, the members of the winning team like to celebrate their hard-earned victory with some high fives and fist pumps. Everyone enjoys this sequence, but it never changes. I am becoming a little bit bored of high-fiving my TV in the same place every time, which unfortunately has led to a great mess of fingerprints. Let’s consider some additional celebration scenarios.

#5 - The Sore Loser

After the blue team loses their match, the red team begins the standard celebration. One of the blue players, though, decides to barge in and begin an argument with one of the red players. Quickly, one of the members of red team circles behind the angry blue player and assassinates him!

#4 - The AFKer

Of course you have played a couple of games with teammates who did not move for the entire game, and you might have won some of those games. After the red team wins despite one of the players standing still for the entire game, the red team members begin the standard celebration.

One of the red team members is not engaging in the celebration, though. He is still away from controller, completely motionless. The other 3 red team members realize this, and they stop their celebration to confront the AFKer. After a brief moment, all 3 of them unsheathe their weapons and brutally massacre their unreliable “teammate!”

#3 - The Struggling Player

Unfortunately, some players die a lot more than they kill. In such times, the winning team will begin the standard celebration, but they will intentionally exclude the player with the lowest score. When the last-place player raises his hand for a “high five,” the other players will laugh and ignore him.

#2 - The Tie Game

If a game ends in a tie, both the red team and the blue team will appear in the postgame “celebration.” Instead of high fives and fist pumps, though, they will wear upon their faces bewildered looks. They will shrug their shoulders, scratch their heads, and then walk away in a daze of confusion.

#1 - The Struggling Player on the Other Team

Occasionally you will earn your victory by repeatedly victimizing a single player on the other team. Yes, you have seen that opponent who died 24 times, giving you an easy path to victory.

When this happens, the bad player will join the winning team in the postgame celebration. Each of the winners will heartily congratulate the bad player, offering him passionate hugs and then raising him up on their shoulders, thanking him greatly for helping them to win the game!

I could get behind this