Top 5 Halo Tunes

What are your top 5 favourite Halo tunes in all the Halo Games. Here are mine:

  1. Sacred Icon Suite 2
  2. Halo 3 Theme Music
  3. Mjolnir Mix
  4. Unforgotten (Never Forget wasn’t as good)
  5. Tribute (Always gets me for some reason)
  6. Peril (Just added in because it needs appreciation)

ODST and Reach had good music but I don’t think they even compare to the Halo Trilogy Music.

  1. Earth City
  2. Greatest Journey
  3. Sacred Icon Suite II
  4. Peril
  5. Never Forget

Damn I forgot Peril

c’mon people. You all like Halo music

Top 5 (No/Little Order)

(1) ODST Skyline Air Traffic Control
(2) Halo 3 One Final Effert
Halo 1 Theme
Halo 3 Theme
Fortunate Son (YES I DID)

  1. No Stone Unturned (Halo 3: ODST)
  2. Covenant Dance (Halo: CE)
  3. Ashes (Halo Reach)
  4. Unyielding (Halo 2)
  5. Halo Reborn (Halo 3)
  1. Finale
  2. Peril
  3. Unforgotten
  4. One last effort… (Think thats right)
  5. The Maw
  1. Under Cover of Night
  2. Peril
  3. Covenant Dance
  4. Heretic, Hero
  5. Rock Anthem For Saving the Universe

Although, ranking these doesn’t do justice. In reality I’d rank these all as equal plus dozen more.

i dont have a favorite top five.
but heres my favorite from every game and the only movie.
halo 1 ost
halo 2 ost
halo 3 ost
halo wars ost
halo legends ost
halo 3 odst ost
halo reach ost

Theres honestly just too damn many, no way to choose between such good music, so I’ll just list 5 I have a habit of listening to almost weekly.

High Charity
Heavy Price Paid
Ghost of Reach
In Amber Clad

Covenant Dance (CE)
Truth and Reconciliation Suite (CE)
Unyielding (2)
One Final Effort (3)
Deference to Darkness (ODST)