Top 5 Halo Missions

What do you guys think are the top 5 Halo missions in the games so far ?
1.) The Ark - Amazing level design, awesome open battles, Halo at its best.
2.) The Covenant - Epic Battle with Flood and the Covenant, again Halo at its best.
3.) Gravemind - Awesome fighting as Chief being dropped off in the middle of the Covenant civil war.
4.) Halo (Halo CE) - Amazing stepping on to Halo for the first time, loved the errie feel of the Covenant chasing you as you headed further in.
5.) Delta Halo - Fun level, the sniper valley was amazing. This level had great atmosphere.

  1. Long Night of Solace (H:R)
  2. Lone Wolf (H:R)
  3. Mombasa Streets (H3:ODST)
  4. Cortana (H3)
  5. The Arbiter (H2)
    I honestly don’t even know why i just found the overall very fun to playthrough.
    also Shoutout to the end of Halo 4 for making me cry

My personal list in no particular order:

  • Halo (CE) - Sierra 117 (3) - Arbiter (2) - Requiem (4) - The Covenant (3)
  1. Assault on the Control Room (CE)
  2. Halo (3)
  3. Silent Cartographer (CE)
  4. Delta Halo (2)
  5. The Maw (CE)

The last one was hard, but I do love CE, so I put The Maw there.
I will say that I really enjoyed uncovering the hidden story in ODST a lot and enjoyed it more than the actual story.