Top 4 things that Halo Infinite needs asap imo

Top 4 things that Halo Infinite needs asap imo, feel free to comment on my list or post your own below:

1. Better Progression and Monetization
An obvious one, this seems to be the most criticized aspect of the game currently overall. Some things they need to fix:

  • Faster XP. The battlepass is much too slow currently, I have played over 150 matches already and am only at 17/100. Something like medals giving XP (scaled based on the rarity of the medal) or match score converting into XP at a rate of say 40:1 would be a great way to speed up the progression.
  • Career Progression system, separate from the Battlepass one, which grants cosmetics and other rewards as you play, awarded retroactively for XP already gained by players before the career progression system is added.
  • Better Store Pricing. Come on 343/MS, $20 for armor sets, $5 for colors, $1000 to buy every microtransaction in season 1. This pricing is straight up predatory and you know it.
  • A way for players to earn some store credits in game. Something like 5 credits for every daily challenge, and 10-20 credits for each weekly challenge scaled the same way XP scales on challenges would be fine. You don’t need to give us a ton of credits, I realize you need to encourage some microtransaction purchases in order to fund the planned 10 years of content support for Infinite, but giving us no credits is just cruel.

2. More Content
Let’s face it, 10 maps on launch is not very many, in fact it puts Halo Infinite toward the bottom of the pack for the Series in terms of launch map count. We need:

  • More maps, preferably at least 3 more, 2 arena, and 1 BTB, upon the official December 8th launch, with at least 1 more Arena and 1 more BTB coming before the end of season 1 in May, for 5 maps total added during season 1 (3 arena and 2 BTB).
  • More guns and vehicles. This game is missing quite a few guns and vehicles from earlier Halo games, we need to get more of them added into the sandbox as soon as possible. Don’t expect to see any more until at least season 2, but I hope to see some sooner

3. More playlists and playlist options
Let’s face it, the playlist selection on open beta launch has been weak, very weak, the weakest in the series to date, with just 4 playlists. We need more soon.

  • More playlists like Slayer and Objective separated for both Ranked and Quick Play. Infection, SWAT, Snipers, Free for All, Doubles.
  • More options within playlists. We should be able to turn off crossplay on quick play and BTB and all playlists, just like we can on Ranked. We should be able to do controller only Ranked with a 4 person team, instead of being limited to 2 players with crossplay disabled.

4. Balance Pass
The game is already in need of a balance pass:

  • We have some weapons like Assault Rifle which are overperforming currently and others (like Ravager) which are so weak that there is no point in even picking them up most of the time.
  • We have a ridiculously short Radar range on both Arena and BTB, but especially on BTB, Halo traditionally had 24m radar but we are down to 18m in Infinite for some reason even though the movement speed is faster than in the old games between sprint and grappleshot.
  • Vehicles are in need of a balance pass as well. They don’t spawn often enough, Ghost is way too durable, Wasp and Banshee go down in seconds, Chopper is a mess that can fall on it’s side too easily or be slowed up too much by small bits of environment, while also not dealing enough damage with it’s cannon (it can also be jacked from the front which is terrible design, somebody can save themselves from being splattered by somehow jacking past a giant wheel of death)

Excellent feedback. I’d like any/all of that like as quickly as possible.

Balancing is the most challenging and difficult to get right… Nerfs are almost always seen as huge negatives and need to be done with a scalpel, and buffs need some forethought so they don’t break the game.

I agree with everything you said, but I feel that balance passes should be done rarely, like every 6 months or so, gives enough time to form a meta and understand the game.

It’s my hope that we’ll get some of these pretty quick. I was under the impression before that the reason we were lacking content was because the game wasn’t officially out yet, but others were saying that one of their posts said otherwise. It’s still a small hope that the not full release is the cause for lack of content, but if it’s truly not, then hopefully we’ll get more stuff soon.

That kinda thing is always a balancing act it’s never easy to do one nerf could be devastating or one buff could make things unfun so the trick is finding the middle ground for it

I agree they shouldn’t do it too often, but waiting 6 months for the first balance pass is too late imo. We have guns right now that feel practically worthless like plasma carbine and ravager, which could use some buffs asap. Several other weaker guns that could use some smaller buffs imo, but they’re lower priority than fixing ravager and plasma carbine. Then there is the Ghost, which is easily the strongest Ghost in the series. Your team can land like 3 frag grenades underneath it and unload multiple clips of Assault Rifle ammo into it and it will be just barely smoking after all of that damage.

I just want a simple ranking system similar to like Corporal/Lieutenant/etc, and each rank you unlock gives you a reward… Emblems, stances, xp boosts, whatever… you know… the stuff they had in older games.

Maybe even make it so if you get 50/100/XX Headshots with the BR, you unlock a skin or whatever… you know like the commendations that gave you, yet again, very simple rewards to keep the player hanging on.

Or maybe even if you get kills or complete objectives and get specific medals, you’ll contribute towards your overall XP for doing your part during the match…

And then they should make Challenges a side-feature instead of being so heavily relied upon. Then maybe players won’t be so burnt out on completing the Season.

I like the idea of weapon challenges for skins, headshots and stuff like you mentioned. I also tend to agree that weekly challenges should be sidelined, mostly a way to earn additional XP, not the primary way.

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I agree with everything except with the AR is overperforming part.

AR is fine and its ment to be better then BR in short range while BR do better in medium range.

Nerfing the AR are just gonna make it so useless that you end up making more balancing problems. Like people only using the sidekick as soon as they spawn in and never uses the AR.

(Close range = shotgun, Short range = AR, Medium range = BR, Long range = Sniper)

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I do think AR is overperforming at mid-range currently. I will sometimes get killed by people who are like 25+ meters away with the AR while I am using pistol or BR, both of which should be outperforming AR at mid range. Maybe a slight increase to it’s bloom increase speed so that people need to pulse the trigger more often at mid range than they do currently.

Another thing they should look into is enemies audio. Sometimes I don’t even notice I’m being hit until they melt my shields.

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I agree to most of thing but the AR like @BrannPhoenix

Yeah, that is one of the most common bugs currently, needs to be fixed for sure.