Top 4 reasons BTB/Warzone is NOT fun for me

4) Players betray each other for vehicles and power weapons, but mainly vehicles
There’s always a rush to get the vehicles, and when someone doesn’t get it, they will either betray you or annoy you enough for you to accidentally betray them…

3) People play Warzone/BTB Ojbective as a slayer match rather than the Objective
Yes, slaying often leads to a win in Warzone/Objective, but if not enough people play the objective or in Warzone’s case capture bases/take down AI bosses/etc…well, it makes it very difficult to win.

2) I feel like I have not as much control of the outcome
I enjoy 4v4, but I love 2v2. I enjoy having the responsibility that if I do bad, my team will lose. In big team, I can do awful and the team wins, or I do amazing and my team loses, not a fan of that. Which is also why I enjoy CoD but dislike games with large amount of players such as Battlefield/Battlefront…

1) Overall, just too much babysitting
I have about 3-5 friends that are dedicated to Halo IRL, I only play with them so obviously I can’t be part of a team of 8 players where I know everyone. With that being said, too many randoms means disorganization and that often leads to losing. Not my idea of fun tbh.