Top 200 exploit fix?

A recent deleted thread put it a little bit too colorfully, but will there be means to prevent the quit-exploit moving forward? It seems the Global Challenge and Throwdown had measures to counter some of this, but I may be mistaken.

It’s just another case of give an inch, they’ll take a mile. I appreciate the efforts to make H4 more “friendly” but I think some of these features (JIP, quit-exploits pre-lobby and in game, etc.) did not work as intended and do more to take the enjoyment out of the game.

*** As an aside, would love to see cheater only lobbies (ala Max Payne) in the future. Slap the “Mark of Shame” on their service record and call it a day.

Yeah, I’ve sadly heard this was the case. I’m glad 343 is trying and this is a step in the right direction. However, it seems the top 200 is more of grind than actual competition, since the top players just quit out when they face anyone who they’ll lose to.

A potential perk of the leaderboard is that it isn’t a large number of people. 10 people spending 10 min at the end of the week could scan the entire list. Are they DNF’ing? Wipe their service record completely. This is the third leaderboard with this game that’s been exploited to hell. This list is manageable though (in my opinion), and it’d be great if the gloves finally came off.

These are the same clowns that boot 6 years after H3s release, same groups that iron boosted Arena. Same people with the sense of entitlement where they feel justified in exploiting good features, then turn around and wonder why there aren’t in game ranks, why “Halo isn’t focused on competitive” anymore.

I would much rather have the hammer dropped hard on these guys than features I enjoy getting scraped. It would be superb if the presumably many man hours spent trying to kiddie proof these systems was instead spent on taking them all behind the digital wood shed.

/2 cents


Fixed by removing everything that was groundless speculation… which was everything.

> >
> Fixed by removing everything that was groundless speculation… which was everything.

I can only speculate as to whether the exploit works as I can’t see CSR working behind the scenes, but after taking 30 seconds and checking a GT on the list I recognize and see he did it for +10 games in a row without dropping, I would hardly call it groundless. Go a little deeper down the rabbit hole and you see it is more common than that.

The rest is pretty clearly my own opinion, would not claim otherwise nor thought that would need explained (the “in my opinion” and my “2 cents” thing kinda give it away).

I’m at the point now where anything CSR related is numb to me. I’m waiting for 343i’s next game :slight_smile:

That said, I still play 4 all the time.

Even CSR aside, the games drag because inevitably the host changes frequently. I had a couple where we were in a black screen multiple times a game, and they were not quick turnarounds. If this catches on, I am sure I will have more time getting to know my teammates while we wait for a new host, although that’s not the community building I was hoping for.