Top 10 Best Halo Campaign Missions

To celebrate Halo’s 10th anniversary I’ll be tossing up a question for all of you to answer every month, but it won’t just be a simple question. It’ll be your top 10 Halo [missions, maps, characters, etc.]. I’ll be tallying up the votes from everyone and putting them into a list of the community’s official top 10 lists. Every Sunday I’ll reveal the next 5 in the list as part of Sunday Halo Countdowns and eventually make it to your number 1 before the 15th of that month where I’ll be tossing up another top 10 for you all to answer before the 1st of the next month.

This month’s Top 10 is the Best Halo Campaign Missions.

This countdown will officially put to rest all of those arguments from the community about which campaign mission was the best of all time. I’ll be starting these come August 1st. The only rules are that you must send your top 10 list to me in a private message, not a thread post. We all want these lists to be a surprise so I don’t want to start seeing everyone going through the posts and tallying the votes themselves. I’ll update this post with the official results as they are revealed.