Too many smurfs.

I’ve recently tried solo queuing to onyx in slayer, but I’ve reached a cap. Games are no longer decided on which team is better. They are decided upon which team has a smurf. I’d say about 80-90% of the games I play have a smurf in them. This leaves the player with 3 options: get carried to a rank that they haven’t earned, get demolished by players that are a much higher rank than themself, but are seen as being on their level by the ranking system, effectively losing them more of their rank, or quit the game to not have their stats obliterated and be severely punished. I don’t know what needs to be done to fix this, but this is the biggest flaw of the game. I understand that smurf accounts have always been a thing, but being a mediocre player is hell, even playing against players “at their level”. The amount of times that I play a game with every player on my actual level is absurdly low, and it’s frankly getting rediculous.

Microsoft could diminish it greatly by either making people pay for them again or putting a limit on how many second accounts you can make per family account. Josh Menke also said they’ve put restrictions in the CSR system and are working on future things to discourage smurfs. You can find it in the MM Feedback threads, but it would probably be faster just to ask and see if he gives you an answer.

The title of a Second Account or Smurf Account has been in Halo since Halo 2 on the Original Xbox. The only way I see to solve this problem is make it so if your friends or recent players aren’t in the same zone as you then they can’t play with you until they get there. So for example if I was a Silver Grade 1 and my friends are Platinum Grade 5 then I can’t play with them in that playlist until I get a Platinum Grade 1 or until the ranks reset.