Just in a game of Dominion… Our team was totally beating the pants off the enemy.

Then the glitches and lag began.

Guns vanishing or aiming across the body. Power weapons going THROUGH the enemy and yet doing no damage… I even hit this one guy with an incinerator and he just ran off. Total bulldoodoo.

We lost.

It seems that skill really takes second base when the game decides to screw you over like this. 343 really need to get on the ball and fix the crap that this game is becoming.

I really like this game (WHEN IT DAMN WELL WORKS) but if it refuses to work how it is supposed to then why even play it in the first place. They REALLY should have public beta tested this and it would have shown the problems in time for release or put it back until it was actually ready.

>implying betas remove every single bugs (see : Reach)
>implying these weren’t lag related

Just give them time its there first game they will get it worked out!.. and yes WHEN IT WORKS its an awesome game! lol

The point is, betas are to find these bugs. Lag shouldn’t remove YOUR ENTIRE HUD like it did to me. I was in the middle of one firefight and my gun started aiming up and to the left. Not reticle to aim with, just a gunflare.

How the frack are you supposed to play a game that does something like this.

I have been in bad games before but Reach BETA played a lot cleaner (ie not as many glitches) as what Halo 4 RELEASE code is. I used to be a programmer and if I released code like this I would be ashamed.

I’m not saying “I’m quitting” or “MWAHHHHHHHH”… I just want a game that doesn’t lose us the game due to bugs. If we are beaten on skill then that is awesome. If I’m beaten because I get hit with the BLIND skull then yeah, I’m pissed.