Too many changes from the original titles

And that’s why this game probably won’t succeed is everything bad ? No but there are to many to list that didn’t need to be changed and 343 mark my words you are shooting yourself in the foot like usual. The only hope I have is this is a “beta” at this point….


Halo 5 wants a word with you…

I’m not talking about halo 5 is halo 5 an original title ??

Halo 5 was garbage :joy::joy::joy::joy: i


Halo 5 is overrated seriously so many issues with that game and it’s MP


It’s very good actually, modern movement but not fast, solid gunplay and reminds alot of H3 / H2. The game has to evolve and modernize itself somehow.

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I think Halo 5 was a great game. But it wasn’t “halo”. I think they could’ve called it something else.

I think Halo infinite is the best halo since halo 3. You get the classic feel of halo mixed in with the newer equipment that actually fits into the gameplay.

The skill gap will be huge good luck.


Completely agree every thing about it is garbage.

Played infinite for 1 hour yesterday and got bored.

Hopped on halo 3 and 3 hours went by without me even noticing.

It’s literally laughable how a gaming designer gets given a complete masterpiece of a franchise with everything there with nothing needing changing except new maps and an updated engine and they go and just make a game which feels like a wish dot com version. Utterly pathetic.

I am finished with 343. They are beyond useless.


I agree that Halo 3 is the pinnacle of the franchise. I will agree when people say the game needs to innovate however Halo infinite ain’t it.

343 either doesn’t have the interest or ability to actually iterate on halo 3’s design.

And to all the players who say halo must modernize, I must ask why? Adopting boilerplate common mechanics from other games doesn’t a good game make.

The whole FPS industry went through this with the advanced movement mechanics trend. CoD, halo ,etc all copied the trend titanfall started. None of the CoD entries halo 5 or even both titanfalls were that popularly successful. With the CoD entries often being considered some of the worst in that franchise.

We are now seeing the same thing with battlefield 2042 copying Modern ware fare mechanics and hero shooter mechanics.

Copying trends just doesn’t work. And infinite is certainly guilty of copying trends just like H5


Halo gameplay has literally changed at one level or another with every release, and every single sequel release has seen posts like this claiming that whatever aspects of the new game they don’t like are “not Halo”.

I think the core game is pretty healthy. Its mostly just the lack of things and the progression system that are the main issues.

Collision and friendly fire are annoying but I dont really find to be game breakers, though they also need to be changed.

Well that’s obviously not true as halo 1,2 and 3 all played in a complete similar way.

Everyone would agree those 3 halos grouped together by progression of each one perfectly.

Every loved halo 1, everyone then loved halo 2 and then finally everyone loved halo 3.

You then add halo 4 , 343 -Yoink!- show.
Halo 5 - was ok but not really halo
Halo infinite- 343 -Yoink!- show.

Ever since 343 took over each game has died rapidly, it’s just facts.

I do feel like the term “beta” is being used a little too stretchily in Infinite’s case, there probably won’t be a big day one patch in December to justify calling this a beta, especially since it’s under a month until launch

However, Infinite is fun for me, there are just currently systems in place that make the game tedious & irritating for long-term retention.

Lol wow. Respectfully, you either have a horrible memory, by your use of “people” you mean literally those you know, or you’re outright lying to support your point.

Anyone from the old Bungie forums know this: every Halo seque pissed off the old guard and brought about a newer player base that claimed it was better, with a group of moderates in between. Every. Single. One.

Anyone who spent any amount of time playing each of the original games know this: with each game came changes to movement, vehicle and collision physics, weapons sandbox, grenade behavior, map design approach, and overall speed of gameplay, and the changes always brought about growing pains at release. Every. Single. One. You really think the BR or a feature like dual wielding things that destroyed the balance of the weapon sandbox all went over well? Equipment that utterly changed the pace of each match? The introduction of bloom to the franchise? Buddy, all this things upset people, and people had to adjust or bounce.

What is and isn’t “Halo” is an argument older than most people playing modern Halo games. Those are “just facts”.

No it’s straight facts. The complaints from halo 3 were nothing like the complaints of the last 3 halos made by 343. The difference is insane.

Look at the population of halo 2 and 3 and the duration of their popularity compared to the past 2 halos created by 343.

Halo 2 and 3 are still the most played halos out of every single one of new and old. There is a pretty good reason for it.

Are you trying to say that halo 4-5 are in comparison to halo 2-3? Does anyone even play halo 4 on MCC ?

343 do not have a scooby how to make a halo game. They are a joke.

There is only one MAJOR BIG difference Infinite has to Bungie-days Halos :
Strafe speed is insanely fast.

That’s my entire issue with Halo Infinite in general. People strafe so fast it’s just a terrible experience through and through.

All they have to do is reduce the strafe speed and we can see some consistency when it comes to gunplay and Halo Infinite will feel comfy. Just hope 343 irons out all MP feedbacks and complaints asap and not make us wait for a TU.

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Halo 5 was awesome. The multiplayer rocked. And Forge!

Agree the campaign sucked. But less so when I played it through the second time (had to tick of legendary) - once it was separated from the all the pre-release hype.