Too late to grab Twitch drops?

Its the 21st and i just found out about it because I work. I can’t do it anymore? Get those rewards from twitch HCS?

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I missed out too. Would be nice if they let us rewatch it or something to get the drops.

Definitely too late. It was Dec 17th-19th I think.

I missed the Got Milked nameplate and emblem from twitch rivals on Dec 13th too.

Thats lame. Exclusive items never to be gain again. I just looked up the Got milk emblem and nameplate.

Now I’m just pissed.

It’s too late I’m afraid. I’m also not sure what 343 wants to do regarding people who missed the drops because alot of people had buggy drops.

I mean, easiest fix is to just give it to everyone, and tbh not sure why they didn’t just do that to celebrate HCS launch.

What I expect from Twitch drops are more on the line of an Event Emblem and Nameplate, but didn’t think they would do coatings and weapon skins too.