too late now, but take advice later

ill make this quick.

hey 343 good job with halo 4 looks great just a bit of a concern with a few things but ill only talk about the one i haven’t seen in previous forums: the flood

i love the idea of changing the infection look to flood but my only problem is were are the flood?
and what i mean by that is the change you made from human with energy sword to flood with claw dosent look like that.

as every one already knows when you think of flood you think of an image of a mutated human/elite that resembles a zombie almost, and some see it and say hey this is crazy that used to be a person but i look at these new flood and they look good for a new enemy but far from flood

the one problem i always felt kept the flood down a bit was the lack of background in the forms. why dose every form have to be a bald young Caucasian male with the same uniform on. every time! these things infected odsts, it infects commanders, it infects women, it infects civilians, it infects blacks and Asians and Indians, and it almost infected the chief (read halo:the flood) and yet they never look like it.

i know you cant change it now just for the future if you continue having the flood in the series please change it up please.

Why would a developer make different Combat Forms based on different races and ranks?

to add a bit of back ground to that person

(im going to sound so lame for this)

in halo we hear about how bad the infection is and how far it spreads and when we read the books characters can see other characters and recognize them as a former friend or ally.

im not explaining this to good let me try a video game comparison (NOT COD although there zombies mode is close.)

dead space 2. if you not familiar go look it up and watch a few play throughs.

in the early stages of development the creators wanted players to really feel like this infection was a huge threat to everything. so they designed different necromorphs to fit that. they added police, soldiers, civilians men women and children babies etc and all of them are recognizable to show that went this hit it hit every were and it was merciless and a huge problem. the detail of the different types of necromorphs also gave a bit of a story to that victim which made the infection that more terrifying.

that is exactly how the flood is made out to be. but when you play the game it dosent quite look that way at all.

im not saying to make a horror game im just saying i want the flood to look like a threat not a new alien.

dose some one understand what im saying?
(ill probably just make a youtube video about it)