Too easy to farm kills on Oasis with a wasp

This map is even worse than Highpower, at least there you have to worry about the other team’s wasp spawn, here if a competent wasp pilot like me secures the wasp it’s game over for the other team. Just played BTB Slayer on it, controlled the wasp the entire match, 32 kills 2 deaths. A new one will not spawns until this one is killed and I’m good at avoiding fire, can easily move out of range for Hydra and evade snipers.
I mean it’s fun for me, but the other team not so much.


Farming kills is easy with the Wasp in general. Super easy to just hover and mow people down. At least with the banshee you’re forced to move.

I posted a clipped video of Mint Blitz jacking a Wasp in one Oasis match and he proceeds to farm like 6+ kills while they’re all firing at him with Assault Rifles. It’s a joke just how easy that vehicle is to mow people down.


A slight map problem, but predominantly a vehicle problem. Wasps are just too powerful.

Falcons were great because they needed teamwork to be effective — much like a Warthog, say. Banshees only take one player, but you can’t just hover there, nor move backwards. Hornets were balanced by Spartan Lasers, Scorpions, and Gausshogs, but Wasps don’t have a balance in Infinite (they did in 5). They also have a much slimmer profile than Hornets, which makes them even worse.


The Wasp has been a problem since the very start. There are plenty of tools on the map to take one down but that relies on teamwork and knowledge from the whole team in order to counter what one opponent is doing.

I’d love to see the spread on the guns increased so that you have to be a bit closer for them to be effective and possibly have an overheating mechanism, plus slow down the rate of fire for missile a bit.

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Here’s the clip I feel showcases that the Wasp is a little Easy to use IMO… Notice he has several people trying to gun him down in this clip ( Mint Blitz btw ) and still mows them all down.

Hopefully the Falcon does indeed get added in Season 4. I think the requirement of multiple players to operate it can help alleviate issues like this.

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Wasps also have really low if not the lowest vehicle health so they aren’t that overpowered. Every time I get one I get skewered or destroyed by the whole team firing on me.

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I got a Killionaire+ with the wasp on High Power.

Sometimes the team all focus you down and wipe you out quickly but it can be absolutely devastating to a team on staggered spawns.

Can imagine it can be just as brutal on Oasis. The team have to shoot it as soon as they spawn, every time they spawn and it goes down quick. But BTB lobbies don’t be like that.

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Watch this video again please, he has 5-7 people attacking him and he easily mops them all up getting a Killionaire. This is actually pretty easy to pull off with the Wasp.

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I have always thought the wasp was overpowered and that is mainly due to how easy it is to maneuver. Like the original poster said, if you have someone who is mildly competent at maneuvering it then it can take what feels like a lifetime to take one down. Sure the Skewer is the fastest and easiest way but you have to hope whoever on your team has it is good enough to judge the curve of it and possible movement of the pilot. The sniper rifle works pretty well if you can crack 4 shots off on it but make sure there are other people distracting it so you don’t get mowed down in the process.


After mastering the Wasp in H5, and seeing it come into Infinite with very few changes, I think it definitely needs a nerf. I don’t necessarily think it’s ALWAYS too strong, but there’s no disincentive for players not to just camp their teams half of the map with it sometimes.

After thinking about Wasp balance For literally years at this point, I would advocate for the Wasp to have limited machine gun ammo. Something like 500 rounds, and after that you’d just have rockets to use.

I think this would force players to use the Wasp more offensively, because then if you’re just trying to Wasp-snipe players with the machine gun you’ll eventually run out of ammo and be less effective.


Perhaps it would already help a bit if the Hydra doesn’t have a spheric limit to where it can track, but a cilindrical, so that there is no height limit. This way the Hydra can’t just hover just above where the Hydra can get it to stay safe while still being able to kill troops.

That way it would even make it more dangerous for the Wasp to be that high, since there is no cover at that height, so Hydra tracking shots will almost always hit. Will the Wasp be more safe from the Hydra, it has to fly lower where it can manouvre behind rocks and buildings, but then it also becomes easier to hit with other weapons. It’s not a full solution, but it will be an easy way to make it a little less OP.

Agreed. This is less a Map problem, more a Wasp balance problem

The wasp kills the map. Had 4 games without it and it was amazing

Its a power vehicle in the middle for a reason. Sadly you’re right though, there isn’t much counter weapons that can take down air vehicles efficiently if you’re a good pilot.

Honestly I find the Oasis Wasp to be less of a problem than the Highpower ones, since there aren’t as many cliffs and the like for it to block line of sight. Doesn’t mean the vehicle isn’t too powerful though, the Wasp definitely is a problem child. I’d like to see how removing the rockets might work ala how the hornet was altered for MP in 3.

I think this is contributing to the problem significantly. Even of a few players decide to take it on… With what? Ive had the map at best give a skewer. But, even a half decent wasp pilot can make that extremely difficult.

Its what the Spartan laser was for. A real power weapon to scare players.The skewer is scary too, but its more effective on ground than anything in the sky.

Yeah, I’d say I think this is a problem with the wasp in particular and somewhat all the vehicles overall. It takes way too much to destroy vehicles. As much as I dislike Reach, one thing it did right was all the vehicles don’t take a whole lot to destroy. Vehicles health should be reduced (or weapon damage to vehicles should increase) or there should be more anti-vehicle weapon spawns. Way too easy on BTB maps to absolutely dominate with a wasp or scorpion.

I couldn’t agree more with you.

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