Tonight's Game Quality = Launch Day

Here is the log of my last two hours playing Halo MCC.

  1. Team Slayer Orbital = load fail

  2. BTB Rats Nest = load fail

  3. BTB Avalanche = load fail

  4. Halo 3 Citadel = serious lag, opponents quit

  5. Searching BTB, found 13, but hangs up on connecting… (This happened multiple times)

  6. Halo 3 Narrows = game starts 2v4 w/ one of my party members on the other team

  7. Searching BTB…

  8. Halo 3 1 flag CTF Last Resort = game ends early after 1st round

  9. I go to bed after wasting 2 hours staring at a broken game and feeling like I just finished 2 hours of Chemotherapy.