Tomorrow, 06/14/2021 Multiplayer Overview from 343

On Halo’s official YouTube channel there will be a Halo Infinite Multiplayer Overview tomorrow. So we’re in store for more Halo Infinite goodness!

See you all there!

Link to YouTube

MP looks absolutely incredible. I am extremely stoked!

I’m glad, everything looked pretty fun and good. Really excited to see how this new AI system works, what updates are in store for waypoint, and honestly just whats new with the game. The new equipment looks really good.

But I am honest to god fed-up of trailers for trailers and countdowns to countdowns (although Xbox didn’t do the second one, it’s still happens and it sucks). I set aside time now, you know at 3am, to watch this conference specifically for Halo. And only now have I been told the reveal is actually at 1am tomorrow. As an Aussie I’m not doing these live things anymore. It used to be exciting but now its too much of a pain. I’m just watching the interesting looking trailers afterwards from here on out.

Once again, Game looks awesome! I’m really excited to play. I’m just frustrated with how time has been managed over these big consumer focused events.

Looks super fun. Might have to cave and upgrade my box…