Toggle Zoom, Zoom-in Twice Issue

When Toggle Zoom is enabled while using guns capable of an extra zoom level (ie, Sniper, Skewer, etc), the second right click zooms in further and the third right click zooms out (aka back to hip-fire).
This is very jarring coming from other FPS games (for example Apex) where while zoomed in, hitting a separate keybind (LShift in most cases) toggles zoom level, and the second right click zooms out.

I can’t imagine there are people who use toggle zoom like myself, and actually want it to work like how it does in the current build of the game. But if there some how are people like that, please give people like myself the option for the mechanic to work how it does in other titles as soon as you can.:pray:t5:

As a newcomer to Halo, the “incoming damage zooms you out” mechanic is hard enough to adjust to by itself😅

I’m on PC using MnK btw.