Toggle to Swap Grenade and Equipment Icons

From my experience in previous games, I’m personally used to having the grenade button on my controller set to RB and abilities/equipment on LB, which s obviously the exact opposite of Infinite. Also obviously, I can just swap these in the controller settings. However, the icons stay in the same place, so if I ever look at my equipment and nades, my brain does a dumb and reverts back to the default controls making me do the wrong thing. If I don’t change the controls however, my brain makes me do what I’ve always been used to, making me do the wrong thing. I know this is most likely a pretty niche problem, but just a simple toggle or something to swap the icons would greatly help me and my confidence that I am doing exactly what I want to do.


It’d be a pretty neat quality of life feature that’s for sure (★‿★)