Toggle/Hold Scoreboard

Edit: Nevermind, It’s under UI, not with the rest of the Hold toggles under controls.

I’d really like an option like all the other “Hold to” options to hold tab for the scoreboard. If you’re checking the scoreboard then being unexpectedly fired upon, it’s much easier to return to combat by just letting go of tab then to have to press it again. Seems like a simple change, should be a QOL improvement for some of us.


couldnt agree more! this needs to come to the game

It’s an option already. It’s in the Ui or something tab in settings

It really should be the Default set to Hold. Who the heck would not want it on Hold?

Yeah, it’s called “Multiplayer Scoreboard” setting, I think under UI.

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You’re right, I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks

Settings>Multiplayer Scoreboard Control>Hold/Release