Toggle for kill effects

I have always disliked armor effects, so I don’t use them. however, now there are kill effects that force the user’s effects onto other players. so now those of us who dislike the distracting effects are having them forced upon us every time we die in the multiplayer. and I am seeing the kill effect more and more (now once or twice every other match) there really needs to be a way to disable armor/kill effects and non-canon cosmetics.


I would personally love this, but as a monetized feature I just don’t see it happening.


Kill effects are only gratifying for the user, not the one being applied by it.
We should have an option to turn the effects on us off.

I mean, what if 343 releases a really obnoxious kill effect in the future? I don’t wanna get blinded after someone kills me.

EDIT: Reminds me of Arby n the Chief Season 8 where they frag someone and their Xbox explodes.


exactly, this right here

if players like it, then they can keep it on. but for those of us who don’t want the big flashy disco ball death, there needs to be a way to turn it off, at least for those of us on the receiving end.
I do worry that we will be getting more flashy/distracting effects in the future, a d with more and more players reaching max rank in the battle passes, it would become impossible to avoid these annoying effects…


I would be in favor of a puff of green smoke with a fart noise as a kill effect!
Imagine seeing that every time you died lol


no, that would just be annoying, the very reason that there should be a toggle to disable kill effects

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lol I understand where you’re coming from, I was just jokin. The effects should only be visible to that specific player.

I’d love to turn this off as well. People are fine to spend money how they want, but when I see this obnoxious flaming skull show up on my screen from someone in full purchase Tenrai armor I just get ticked off having to see that over and over again. I would be more impressed if the kill effects were strictly a performance only reward tied to some achievement or challenge.


This right here. I m so f****** fed up with that animation, it’s too flashy, too bright, and It’s getting old very quickly. I should be able to disable It, as It really piss me off. I just dc-ed a game because of it.


where do u even go to equip/unequip kill effects?

Any armor core if you want the armor effects.
The weapon armory, where you apply skins and charms can also apply kill effects.

As a side note there are currently 2 other kill effects I am aware of slated for release:
Cherry blossom burst (Tenrai)
Neon static burst (Cyber showdown)
These are not the official names, it’s just to give you an idea of what’s to come.

I’m tellin’ ya, if they just made a H3 toggle, to turn the entire game into H3 graphics and playability for that person. It would solve a lot of issues. /s

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I guarantee you Grunt Birthday is also going to get released eventually. Maybe it’s not programmed in yet. But it’s definitely coming.

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They had it in reach, I’d be surprised if they didn’t add it.


I mean, what if 343 releases a really obnoxious kill effect in the future?

This. I’m waiting for the day that the most obnoxious, annoying kill effect gets added. That’s when I quit the game. I don’t want to get taunted by a -Yoink!- effect if I’m already having a frustrating time playing the game as is. There Must be a toggle for these items.


I doubt a toggle on/off is going to be coming, if you can just erase the effects what’s the point of spending money to unlock it?

I think a better solution is the effects are only visible to the people who have it unlocked or equipped.

That’s what they’re saying my friend, the enemy can still see the kill effects, but other players have the option to opt out.

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The biggest reason to apply the effect is to taunt, fewer buyers if it can be turned off.

I dunno about that, I kinda like the serotonin boost I get from a kill effect, y’know, the primitive monkey brain thing where you get rewarded for doing good, T-bagging is what you do for taunts.


I would like to pay $20 for a flashbang kill effect, so when I kill someone, their screen flashes white and it plays a super high pitch noise