Today's halo infinite multiplayer update

In case it has been overlooked I think these are the patch notes.

Looks like the release day was arbitrary for the multiplayer development. We’re just going to get patches as they happen.

Oh, no, sweety. You actually believed that this was a “beta” and more content was going to be release today? I’m sorry.


I wouldn’t mind taking a break with a fiesta match or two in between other games. Kind of refreshing.


They said everything that was in the “beta” was all of the day one content.
It’s disappointing, but they warned us ahead of time. The idea that they were giving us more on Dec 8th was just a rumor. This is why I wish the forums would stop coming up with completely baseless ideas.

Like, for example, another rumor that’s been famous on the forums for a looonng time is that all future campaign DLC will be free… but 343i have not said ANYTHING remotely close to that. I’m more inclined to believe that each DLC will be anywhere from 10 to 25 dollars.

I am Atriox leader of the Banished and this is the last face you will ever see.

Dude it was never a beta to begin with. I love how these kids just fell for it. They even said this was going to be day one launch content like what did you think was going to happen.

apparently alot of other people care the post was hidden…

I think saw they have patch notes on one of the menu screens at the start of the game last night.

Anyone else notice that the spartan ID has been cleared? I see a lot Player that Do not have a spartan is. Mine has been cleared as well.

That must be the 4gb Patch.

I didn’t see my Spyr cleared…