Today servers were good

I won’t lie all the game I did today were 10/20 ms… maybe the fix has changed positively the game or maybe I’m just lucky ? I have experienced some désync as well which is still very frustrating but I feel like the game is getting better and better

What region are you?

I had so many moments where I’m shooting a guy with the BR and he turns to run away and I proceed to shoot him 6 times in the back as he’s running and I get hitmarkers the whole time but don’t get the kill. I’m PRAYING instances like this will be few and far between after this update.


I’m from EU

I’m from Europe.

I’ve not had any lag or stuttering, but the desync is somehow worse than before. Either that or I’m just unlucky with the desync today. It’s also early days on the lag front, but I’d like to be uncharacteristically optimistic there.


Same :pray: I noticed last week was hard because of high ping games but when those rare 10/20 ms were here it was really smooth in my opinion. Today it was good because every games were 10/20 ms but I have experienced a lot of desync situations. Still playable but this game could me much more better. Atm It’s not that bad. Sometimes desync situations but matchmaking felt like it was more stable

Same feeling here. :muscle:

I thought I was the only one that noticed depsite the fact matchmaking looks more stable today

Ya my ping stays around 20ms but still having desync. Still getting double melee and how I would be killed and what my screen shows still two different things at times.


Was great for me - I downloaded and played splitgate :joy:


Yesterday it was a completely different game compared to the night before. I actually had a lot of fun.

I’m in North America.

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I still had moments where it would rubber band briefly maybe halfway through a match, kind of annoying but did feel a little better for most matches.


Day two : servers looks great !

Pfft for you. My game consistently only gave me 70+ ping games. Its now consistently worse than previously

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I only like Splitgate because it had a legit reason for bagging people. I generally don’t like bagging people so the excuse was nice for me.

I keep forgetting to :joy:.

I’m playing it quite a bit now, never played multiplayer outside of halo in 20 years, plenty of campaigns and games with the Mrs but not multiplayer. Hint, hint 343, sort it out

You should edit that into your OP. The fact that your in Europe getting 30 ping games regularly is a lot more topic worthy than a US player getting consistent good ping :grinning:


I’m UK so if we’re using EU geographically rather than politically… I get 15ms in 90% of games

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Im not going to lie… since they deployed the update Im always playing into 10/20 ms games. Yes there is desync, yes the matchmaking is ruthless but it’s feels better than what the games felt before the update… Thank you 343 I hope they will keep the good work and the updates

Today servers were excellent.

Playing from Tasmania, Australia.

Pretty much every game was 25ms. Felt responsive even in the odd game out to 160ms.

Actually played pretty well… went from Diamond 2 up to Diamond 3. My highest ranking ever. I’m a Halo 3 “FIFTY” baby. :wink:

Wondering how many of my 220ms+ games previously have been to geo-filters dragging me away from home.

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