Today I found a copy...

… of the limited collector’s edition for $1 at my local Goodwill. Best yet everything is in excellent condition. I was wondering is there any means the play this online? Ive heard talk on here that there is and I’m curious.

I think the only way to play it is xbox connect. Even then you’d have to find lobbies that have decent games going on.

I’d just play campaign again.

im get on xbox connect once a couple weeks to see if any americans are playing usually its just brazialians

i think halo2’s campaign is the best not because of you getting to switch between masterchief and the arberter(probably didn’t spell his name right)but because it leads up to halo3 and mentions some thing from the newer games. also the flood was harder to kill (i like the halo2 flood hard to kill them with plasma weapons) and near the end of the game everything goes crazy. i never got to play the game online though.