To2 Looking for 2 more dedicated players for competitive scene

We currently are looking for 2 other mature players that are interested in the competitive side of halo. We are interested in playing in as many online tournaments as possible and traveling to events later this year if possible. Hoping to find 2 other serious players willing to dedicate time and practice into a team over the next few months and hopefully build a team together. Looking for Onyx+ players with competitive experience either online or lan.
Not interested in anybody toxic or not willing to learn/work together to form something.

add Discord: StoryTime#6228
Xbox GT: sStorytTime

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Onyx player looking for a team. have comp exp form H3, 4, and reach. was semi pro back in 2010-2014 and looking to get back into the comp scene.

Hit me up ^^ you didnt leave a GT or discord name to add you

GT: Humble4538. yea my PC crashed lol

I’d like to get in on this. Would like to play with folks who aim for the objective.

GT: TheSpartan039

Still looking…