To you, in 2000 years

Let’s start with a good thing: free events here are good, and after the first fracture week, the stuff in those has started to be cool.

That being said, the roadmap video has been quite saddening, not only for the tombstone on the split-screen campaign and the delays, but for how Sean Baron said they hope to get the game “right” for the end of 2023. They talked about competitiveness, but the game could linger with this network problems for almost 2 years, that’s unbearable.

On the contents side, I can understand the time needed for weapons and maps, but the cosmetics should be easier to ship. They should bring back weapons skins, they added weapon models which can be cool, but there are so few and all paid, they could add tons of cool backdrops, maybe animated, but zero.

About challenges, in my opinion weekly right now aren’t too bad, but they should definetly add a “chill” daily system, I mean something like every 5 matches you get a token, and with that token you can redeem a previous weekly reward, add some little stuff like emblems and backdrop to the pool too, so every day you can actually get something.