To wish is to be a fool

to think that halo infinite was going to be as huge as HALO 3
i was a fool to think that the game play was going to evolve and not devolve
forgive me for hoping 2022 halo was going to be it
to imagine a triple AAA gameplay in a 343 title is gold

to imagine that they would’ve should’ve handled players leaving in a ranked game like bans to stop the constant quitting among the majority of infinite players
or how about already having weapons that existed in literally previous 343 titles…no? oh okay sorry i thought this was an actual game

oh instead of making a pay to play like other titles so they can sacrifice more funds for better content in exchange for promised returns on release date oh not that too?

so what we have here is a cyborg a Frankenstein Halo limited


Luckily, Infinite is shaping up to be pretty much everything I wished for.

I would, of course, wish for more maps, wider playlists, and Forge off the bat… but they are all coming… so I just have to wish for them to come faster.


The game has all the indicators of being one of the most modular Halo titles ever to exist. In a few years, this game could be bigger than it was when it released.

Within a few years I think we’re going to see classic Halo style playlists and maps alongside playlists and maps that encompass Halo 5 style gameplay all while keeping the Infinite combat loop front and center.

Different times, less selection, much more condensed player populations.

Times change.


infinite had all the hype it needed, just sucks 343 dumped out whatever this mess is


If 343 communicated better on what’s missing and what’s coming they could silence half this forum.

But they have an agenda.


Sadly, modern AAA games being an incomplete mess is the norm now a days. Persona 5 was the last time I bought a new game that felt like a fully fleshed out and complete game. We’ll likely never see a complete game like Halo 3 ever again from a western developer because they are all so focused on “as a service” games and making garbage F2P models to sell us $30 skins.


pretty sure most people are used to companies ignorin their community and all, but 343 said over and over they wanted to listen to the community and talk with them. then the game dropped and boom, silence. that just makes this whole thing way worse to me


Me too buddy. Me too.


I think it was the death threats on Reddit… they went quiet after that and said they weren’t going to discuss anything else.

dude redditors dont even leave their house, as if those threats really hold up
not sayin death threads are right, cause theyre not and the people who make em are sad and pathetic. but i also think 343 sayin theyll cut off communication causa them is a copout


They should just bring their communication in house. At least they can control it themselves on here. I miss all the updates on Twitter and Reddit! Not em, don’t care about them!

For the record, you wished for paid customization, 4 armor colors that you can’t even customize for free, no emblem creator, 7 total maps and 3 of them aren’t even accessible due to the matchmaking not working, the shortest and second most boring campaign that only features 2 different map biomes, the worst desync since the original Xbox, and SBMM?

I am so glad I don’t know you in real life lol. We could go out for beers and you’d offer to pay triple to price of a budlite


I did wish for no pay to win.

Wasn’t on my wish list.

Nope. Definitely would have wished for more.

Who wouldn’t?

I actually really enjoyed the Campaign.

They did a good job rebooting.

Another biome or two would have been nicer. Plus a warthog run. And a classic battle vs scarab etc.

Luckily I am relative unscathed by that.

Not dismissing it in any way. They need to fix it ASAP.

Yep. Definitely on my wishlist. Always.

No SBMM would be a disaster.

Would happily buy you a beer.

Just not Bud anything. As Monty Python so succinctly put it, frankly your American beers are like making love in a canoe…


A half finished, lackluster game that has lost players faster than halo 4? I guess some people just want to see the franchise burn

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By looking at the sandbox as modular pieces along side the custom game options and seeing the modular potential with a few extra options added to the game to fully tap into them.

The store isn’t gameplay so :man_shrugging:, and I fully realize that the game has a hard baked style engine that makes it difficult to modify further, but that doesn’t mean the pieces don’t exist that allude to the possibility.

So was No Man’s Sky, R6S, CSGO, Fortnite, and Destiny 2.

I’ll be singing a different tune about this game once we have Forge.

Maps will be made, new and old modes will come to fruition, the developers will be able to generate new content without having to knock on ol’ Faber’s door, it’ll be a time to be alive.

A dead game is a dead game. Everything you just mentioned is already in halo 5 and has already been done in halo 5. Forge will be great but don’t bet on it to save the game

Halo 5 did Forge justice, and Halo Infinite will do it better. Whether or not it’ll “save the game” is debatable, but it’ll certainly do both the devs and the community a handy amount of favors.

Imagine Halo without forge. This game would be so bare. It’s funny how much 343 leans on creators to do most of the work

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Anthem, bf5, red dead 2, fallout 76, sea of thieves.

There is nothing to suggest this live service model will work for halo. Meanwhile, we have plenty to suggest that it won’t work. Moreover we do know what has worked for halo in the past (i.e releasing finished products). Halo isn’t fortnite, gta, minecraft, or cod. It’s not a household name anymore and is a delicate franchise that should have never been treated in such a way. Will the player base bounce back? Undoubtedly, but I can guarantee that it will never have a steady 6 figures population again. There was only one chance of that at launch by releasing a finished game but it was thrown away for a more profit making model