to TU or not to TU

Okay so I am a diverse playlist player, and I really do not like having to switch my playstyle between playing TU and not playing TU. I was wondering how many other people here on the fourms have the same issue as me.
Honestly i perfer not TU, simply because the bloom issue… I disagree with bloom. a lot, my favorite playlist would have to be doubles but I am usually hesitant to play it because of the TU. The DMR was not designed to have that kind of firing speed with that much bloom reduced. you can literally destroy someone from across any doubles map, and even greater distances by spamming. It simply kills any kind of balance bungie had in mind.
Take for example the BR, yes it had no bloom, very very little recoil but it had bullet spread, (its form of bloom) thus people are not having across map duels.
Now I know there are people who like the TU, yes certain ideas were good like nerfing armor lock, but when i see 10000 people in team slayer, and 1000 people in super slayer at one time, i would think the majority goes for pre-TU.

Anyway my original point to this was really not to talk about my opinions on TU but to ask one simple question. Have you made up your minds yet 343? Because a TU (TITLE update) shouldnt vary from playlist to playlist making players change how they play the game. Thats just simply not what a title update is.

Please comment with your thoughts and opinions.

Spread is a much better mechanic than bloom considering that bloom still allows the capability of fire at a long range, just at a slower pace. The issue is in Reach’s implementation of bloom being the primary range “limiting” mechanic on the weapon.

However, 100% bloom is more luck based than anything since the player is more inclined to disregard bloom and hope that he/she gets lucky rather than pace because getting lucky shots on is substantially faster than pacing for the intended rate of fire.

85% bloom is the better choice because, although some consider it a more “spammable” setting, pacing is typically the optimal firing rate since the kill time of pacing is so close to that of spamming that leaving it to luck isn’t profitable in most situations.

The weapon sandbox’s balance has been compromised since Reach’s released, and causing a further degeneration of the balance by making the mid range weapons have 85% bloom is negligible since it is not the actual cause of the initial inbalance. It’s better to have problems isolated rather the spread out, so making the utility weapons function the best takes precedent over the general sandbox in this case since, again, the balance between the two was compromised since Reach came out.

You must also understand that Super Slayer versus Team Slayer is not an accurate gauge for how many people are for and against the TU considering how a large amount of playlists are under TU default settings and how a very small amount of playlists are still under Vanilla default settings.

I would have to say that “spamming” is more effective than pacing, however the ability you gain with the 85% bloom to kill someone at a long range with the firing rate the DMR has is just too good, I think what they should of done along with 85% bloom is also reduce the rate of fire, so you couldnt mess up someone cross map, thats really my only problem with TU. and yes I understand there are more TU playlists than not, I just used team slayer and super slayer as a reference because they are virtually the same playlist.
I feel like I have more ability to look at a player cross map and not fear getting 5 shot in a blink of an eye in vanilla.
I really just want 343i to make up there mind and either… put TU in every playlist or take it out, I just don’t like the difference playlist to playlist, it just feels slightly “broken” for lack of a better word

They’re not going to “make up their mind” on it because they promised that they would keep a Vanilla offering but deploy the TU as needed.
Reach has been broken from day one. People refuse to admit it, but Reach needs alot of fixing to be even considered decently functional. The TU was never going to be bale to fix it entirely given that so much is wrong that they might as well try to get it right with a new game. Sure, 85% DOES bring up a few issues of its own but it was always going to be a tradeoff for either consistency or a dice roll when it came to firing the DMR regardless of what happened, and the main point is that there would always be problems. Nonetheless, the Arena-style ability of the DMR is preferable under 85% bloom than it is under 100% due to that dice roll, and therefore the Arena, Doubles, Objective, and 4v4 all warrant a change toward it.

Regardless of what SHOULD happen for either mode, it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to standardize anything given their promise for a Vanilla offering and given that they worked on a TU to put into the game, so, except for some “playlist cleanup” that is coming soon according to Frankie, there’s a low possibility of any plans to do anything dramatic as far as the offerings go for the two “modes” of play. There’s a high enough amount of contentment for the TU and the same for Vanilla to warrant both existences, and that just makes it that much more unlikely that either will take over.

When you get the drop on an enemy and put three shots into him are you rewarded? No you are punished by having to sit there and wait for your bloom to reset while your enemy gets two free and easy shots into you. Now instead of being three shots up, you are one shot up. Maybe your enemy gets lucky and spams a five shot kill. Who was the better player? No one knows. Bloom lowers the skill gap.

OT: I have never seen a title update that only affected a portion of the game. This kind of implementation is indicative of poor management.

After getting used to TU, 100% bloom is like a joke - honestly I cannot believe the game was released in that state. It’s so slow and the potential randomness is crazy. I don’t know why every playlist hasn’t been changed to 85%/TU yet.

Well, no bloom is better than both of them (Magnum issues aside) but you catch my drift.

We’ve been through this 1,000 times. >_<

> OT: I have never seen a title update that only affected a portion of the game. This kind of implementation is indicative of poor management.

At the end of the day, pretty much only this^

Yah the fact that TU and vanilla still vary playlist to playlist still baffles me, it wasnt a playlist update, it was a title update. and if im not mistaken i believe frankie, or another 343i member said that most players wouldnt even notice they are playing the TU, and if forced to play would realize it is the better option. so… i am not 100% for the TU but, it is a title update… comon… stop ditzin around and make it a TITLE UPDATE, put it in everything

Its pretty amazing to see someone come out and say that even though they prefer less bloom, the nerf wrecked so much of the rest of the game that it wasnt even worth it. I feel like i havent been going mad for the last 6 months. Thank you OP.

You are right, it wasnt a real title update. It was an extra set of (unneeded IMO, in hindsight) gameplay preferences for certain people. And thats why its not in every playlist.

IMO TU is better. Less people use armor lock and that is really nice.

TU.I liked Reach before TU, but as the year/months past, I began to grow unsatiftisfied with the inaccurate bloom…Thus TU 85 bloom was a godsend…The only playlist i would play without TU is Invasion, I just absolutley love invasion now that new maps are here