To those people complaining about being banned...

You shouldn’t quit games and let me take a minute to explain why.

1.) 9/10 times someone quits the game. It’s almost over anyway. Quitting the game does nothing to help your record because a DNF looks far worse than a Loss.

2.) Quitting a game could have been the thing that caused your winning team or (your comeback team) from success by cutting a much needed player from the match that could add that little bit extra firepower against whatever your team is trying to take down.

3.) You force someone else to fill the role (if JIP exists) usually forcing them into a bad situation, adding to their loss record (for those that care about WL%) and leaves them severely outgunned when drop in happens.

4.) If there is no JIP, you have just created a match that is uneven for your teammates and there is no way to fill that slot.

5.) I’m sure if I really wanted to I could find more but I digress, completing the match will still net you the rewards of completing the match W/L/D and is better than taking a ban of any type as you deserve for hurting your team by dipping out.

I have personally been in a match where it was 1v4. I got my -Yoink- handed to me because my other 3 teammates left me hanging, however I stuck it out and even scored a few kills on some of the people who were being over confident. I reported and blocked every person who left that match because they left me to fight a team fight by myself. Don’t be those guys.

If you got wrongly banned, they can tell and will help you out. I have personally been randomly disconnected from about 7 games and haven’t received the ban hammer… so to me it sounds like y’all are leaving the match most of the time then get kicked once due to connection issue and taking a ban. No sympathy for you on that.


Understand your intentions here OP, but all ban related traffic should be posted in the ban thread:
Official Halo 5 “Why was I banned?” thread