To the people who are able to Play BTB right now

Is it just RNG being bad for me or is Fragmentation never loading in?

I can’t speak for anyone except myself, but I think it’s just RNG working against you. I’m able to get into a match around, like, half the time. It’s a bummer that 343 basically said “here’s a half-baked ‘fix’ for BTB. See you after our holiday break!” to us and left without giving us a timeframe of when it’s actually going to be repaired.

It is bad for me also. I have to keep trying to enter a game. This should never happen with a “AAA” game, but, in time, it will be fixed. I hope

It’s a bummer that it is a lot of peoples favorite playlist. And that this winter break is when people would have more of a chance on playing it

apparently if you switch your lobby to open it fixes BTB for a lot of people.

I’m also sad about the state of it but I actually agree it’s better for them to take the holiday and recoup, the real mistake is transitioning out of the beta where this would have all been easily explainable as “it’s in beta”. Seriously, I didn’t even notice when it stopped becoming a beta ffs.

They would have told us if they had an accurate timeframe, but it’s difficult to evaluate these sorts of problems before knowing what’s wrong. Also it’s very difficult to debug games that integrate with so many things, and know where there’s a crossed wire.

I am not happy that they are asking me to pay for a battle pass to show I’ve played their broken games. I’ll pay for a stat wipe to forget the state it’s in right now once there is a stat view

343 has had a difficult job, they should start more independent projects (no strings attached)

I can get it BTB to work. Not consistently but I can. What I was asking about was if Fragmentation the Map ever loaded in, Since BTB began bugging out I’ve had matches on Highpower and Deadlocked, but not Fragmentation.