To the artists...

A few notes…take heed. I have payed close attention to the details; listen and I can help. I offen constructive help and it is free.

Please pay attention to the classic Halo design. There is a difference between improvement and change. “Change is only good if it makes things better”- Bonnie McFarlan.

Adding in a more “tactical” or “modern” look to things; making an assult riffle or shotgun look more skeletal and adding sight rails and laser sights, giving marines more “modern” looking armor…just remember, does it make the gun look more like it was built in this day and age or does it honor the original design? Does it add to the mystery of a game that is supposed to take many many years in the future?

Why give the Elites feet? They have hooves…“I can smell the sulfer still comming off her hooves”, hooves are scarrier, less bugs-bunny cartoony looking. Most importantly, more true to the original design.

Why make the pistol barrel longer? Does it look better in your eyes that way? Does it honor the fans that have played the game for ten years? Do your new porportions on the Chief and Elites really look better? Do the big globs of blue armor look better on Elites? Closer inspection it seems as if Elites and the Chief actually had armor that mostly consisted of black with highlights of blue/green. This is easier/quicker to pick up and read at a distance in levels with high detail.

Adding more armor to Elite Combat Forms? Does you new “gold” Elite really look better? Why so much change on a classic design?

I think the biggest thing many game companies get confused with these days is simply this: More detail doesn’t always equal better. Which halo is easiest to READ? Did the graphics really get better because more details are crammed in or because the design was changed? Instead of using a Reach marine this was your opportunity to render the classic Halo marine faithfully…it was squandered.

I am a humble artist who has played this game for a long time, I think it is the best campaign ever designed. Please, honor this and pridefully carry the mantle of what Halo will be in the future. Always consider the source and inspirations that might have drove it to be what it is when going forward and not what it popular in media/culture now. I hope this makes its way to someone outthere that cares.

There is a difference between improvement and change, but the two are not mutually exclusive, and the latter can include the former. I believe that in CEA, it does.

Nonetheless, I respect your opinion (and your ability to present it in a calm and collected manner, which alas feels so rare in this section of the boards).

All valid points. And exellent post by the way. I’m just too involved in the amazing gunplay and overall facelift of the campaign to bother too much about certain details.

If they had deviated too much further than they have from the original design, I probably would be quite annoyed. I’m just glad this got made at all.

I hug my Halo disc box when I wake up in the morning.

I think it looks good. All they’ve done is made the game more visually consistent with the others.

(In an slightly off topic note: Battle Creek or whatever it’s called looks stunning)

> I think it looks good. All they’ve done is made the game more visually consistent with the others.

Now if only they could make the other games more consistant with this one in terms of gameplay and story. Its been downhill ever since.