To Sprint or Not to Sprint, This Is The Question.

To start,
I am sure this topic has been discussed several dozen times before and I know how dividing it is as well. I have been seeing a lot of people bring the topic back up again however in large numbers and it seems as though no one is trying to compromise or budge in either direction.
So, as a long time Halo fan, having played The old as well as new Halo titles, I have a proposal to solve this conflict and hopefully ease the tension between a lot of older and newer fans. To cover as much ground as I can, here is an introduction of sorts:

Halo veterans, as I am sure for those of you who dislike sprint that it is not just nostalgia. A single movement speed does have its many benefits of course. Whether it is the maps that fit the pace of the game or the creative methods of travel like the classic man canons and the teleporters, or the clever placement of vehicles throughout the map.
Or it could be the strategic game-play Halo has always had because it gives every player the same ground to stand on, it made you time out your grenades to get the most value since if you got caught you couldn’t effectively or reliable dash away from the explosion. Another perk for a single movement speed is that it really gives every type of player a spot to shine and every type of weapon its own unique value for being used regardless of how you play. For instance you cannot really go around the map in medium to large areas with a shotgun or energy sword, you’d have to bring a BR or a sniper, or an AR, etc. It allows for a more balanced sandbox of weapons when combined with good map making.

Now, to greet the newer fans of the series/ Modern fans. I would also group halo reach into this category, It was sort of the introduction into a new style of halo that more closely resembles what he have today as opposed to what we had back in the day. With that out of the way, for those of you reading this who may have joined the series later or prefer what the series has become, I can see why those of you might like it. Some clear benefits of sprint and advanced mobility are of course that it makes for much more diverse game-play with the advanced mobility taking the forefront of it all. However as I am sure we all know Balancing became an issue with advanced mobility and how it should play a role in game-play during Halo 5’s lifespan and it did cause a lot of players to leave before they eventually made fixes but to an extent the damage was already done. Now as for sprint itself, Some players like the speed, some like the option out of habit because a lot of modern Halo fans came from Call of Duty and other large FPS titles that had the feature and so not having sprint was jarring as id imagine since it has become a staple feature in those titles.

Now, for those who are for sprint in halo infinite i ask you for a favor. If you have a PC with MCC or game-pass and can install MCC, I ask that you play a game of Halo 3 or halo 2 Matchmaking with the FOV at 120 so you get the best experience, And after that I want you to tell me what you thought.
For those who are against sprint in Halo infinite, I will ask you a similar favor. I want those of you who have access to any of the following titles, Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo 5, and if you do have access to any of those I want you to play a Match from any of those games and tell me what you thought of it.

Now after you have done that I wish for you to here out my proposal.

My proposal is as follows: Everyone here wants snappy, action packed, content filled game-play. but what I have noticed is that people are not separated on the topic of being fast, People are arguing over the animation for sprint. What I wish to ask is that we ( all halo fans ) can agree to make the base movement speed faster to more closely match that speed of which sprint has. And that we remove the animation for sprint. Those of you who like sprint for the speed will have it, and those of you who dislike sprint will have your single movement speed. I feel like that would be a good blend of modern and classic halo, bringing together all fans so that we all can enjoy the Proper halo we have been waiting for for over a decade. And for those of you still on the bridge about this idea, take a look at Doom eternal and its success, I have not heard one person complain about how it controls and in fact all I have heard is praise for how smooth it is and how nice it feels. If you are still not convinced then I respect your opinion, all I ask is that you give something new a chance. Thank you for reading this, have an amazing day.

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