To make H5/HX1 more competitive

Halo 3’s system,

You win: +1 exp
You lose: 0 exp
You quit: -1 exp
You draw: 1 exp

While H3’s system wasn’t perfect (rubbish teammates potentially bringing you down with them) it was clear that in order to progress you had to play to win. Go big or go home. This encouraged movement and risk taking.

This is virtually non existent in Halo 4 due to a “everyone’s a winner” reward scheme and a surplus of god’s own anti-SOB machines delivered straight to your door.

There is almost zero incentive to win that I can find in Halo 4’s matchmaking (other than people going for commendations). The difference in xp is laughable between the winning and losing teams.

Losing doesn’t feel like an actual loss.

Quitting no longer has any meaningful consequence.

I understand why people play CTF to only sit up the back with their sniper and active camo to preserve k/d. Why shouldn’t they if the system rewards such behaviour?

Halo 4’s system turns Objective into Slayer because it no longer treats winning equal to bulking up on kills and points.

Please with Halo 5 either make losing teams get zero xp (unlikely) or at the very most a third of what they would have gotten had they won. At least this way theres an actual sense of loss.

As for objective, please remove K/D tracking as it encourages people to go lone wolf in order to farm kills as opposed to playing the -Yoink!- objective and helping the team win.

W/L should be the index for Objective
K/D should be the index for Slayer

Just take into consideration the value of playing with the team as opposed to own your own, that’s all.