To: Halo 4 Grifballers..Help Testing Map

Attention All Grifballers in Halo 4:

I have just completed construction on a custom Grifball court however, I have no one to test it out so, I must ask the Halo 4 Grifball Community for help. I’m pretty sure I got most of the bugs out. Anyway, all the information is below.

File Name: Gaian Atonement Arena
Description: Grifball at The Gaian Atonement Arena. Arena Designer: GaianMage
File Type: Map Variant
Created By: GaianMage
Size: 8KB
Top Tag: arena, custom grifball court, grif, grifball court, impact, submission 343i

In order to find this map search in Map Variants using the Gamertag: GaianMage.

Thank you for Your Help.

Type: 117, if you viewed this post and, or, if you were able to view my map.