To forgers: Please recreate Guardian from Halo 3

Hey Forgers, i was wondering if one of you guys could recreate guardian from Halo 3! Guardian from Halo 3 was a great map and if one of you guys try to recreate it is possible at all with the knew moves in Halo 5 to make it feel like the original Guardian from Halo 3? I would try to do it myself but i not very good at making stuff in forge.

PS…to those who try…thanks

I think someone made gaurdian as soon as forge was released lol cant remember who tho

It already had been, multiple times. Just look it up on the File Share.

It is a safe bet to say every old halo map has been remade in some shape or form since forge launched.

I know I have it somewhere in my bookmarked maps.

If you only knew…