To everyone who bought Hazop. I'm so sorry

If you have logged on today you may have noticed that they have slashed the price of Hazop in half. To everyone who bought it previously I honestly feel you guys were scammed. I am sorry. You all deserve better.


That was actually one of the few things I opted not to buy because it’s just ugly. I imagine I’m not alone in that sentiment if they are cutting it’s price tag.

I’m personally a Hazop fan, but even I agree that it wasn’t the best looking reach helmet. And to make it worse, it was practically a noob helmet since it could be earned with very few credits and level ups. Can’t believe they charged $20 for that.

“To everyone who bought Reach’s Legendary edition when it came out I honestly feel you guys were scammed when it went on sale at Walmart 3 months later at $75. I am sorry. You all deserve better.”

“To everyone who bought Bitcoin at $65k previously I honestly feel you guys were scammed. I am sorry that it’s now down to $41k. You all deserve better.”

Buddy prices change over time, trying to make it sound like it’s a sin or a crime against humanity for the sake of going after a company is incredibly hyperbolic.

Good things come to those who wait.


To everyone who paid for those nice pair of jeans last week, I’m sorry. You were scammed. I bought them for 50 percent off today. You deserve better.

You see how ridiculous this sounds? Stuff goes on sale all the time. People need to get over it.


Doesn’t even bother me to the slightest


yes 343i are doing sales… Literally the most common and predictable thing under the sun.


I hope they make it free

^ This guy gets it.

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