To Everyone defending 343 Industries

Outside of Last of Us 2 and now this I have never seen (even the most hardcore female body builders) look like this. If you think that this games representation of the feminine body is accurate than your delusional. My “Idealized version” isn’t mine it’s basic anatomies. and for the record less than 1% of the population are non-binary and how many of them are playing this. 50% of the population are women and yet there is no representation for them.


What are you talking?
We do not design. We implement what other people (like cons) design.

huh… designers are part of the Dev team too. ideas don’t just fall out of the sky

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Always a hill to die on.

No one cares if the body types are stated to be Male/Female/Xir instead of 1/2/3 but there useless because they don’t change anything but the underarmour padding. Unsurprisingly body armour is not one size fits all they need to adjust the size for the individual because the vital protection zones change with the persons size and build.

Dudes not asking for super curvy Spartans what he’s asking for is to have the armour scaled to fit different body types… you know like how Jorge in Reach has obviously different sized armour to everyone else.

However if that is too “OH NOES PATRIARCHY” for you then I guess that’s that.

I was disappointed that 1 and 3 didn’t have any armour change at all, was hoping for a more slim build on my spartan, its not like different body types that change the armour has not been a part of the series before, its not an “out there” suggestion.


Look I really don’t care to get into an argument about this, especially with someone with a Joker profile pic, so I’ll just leave it at this. The currently system is just fine, not every female is extremely slim, especially not ones who probably have had like a thousand augmentations performed on them. I appreciate the inclusiveness for the non binary audience, as small as they may be, because it at least shows 343 is still keeping those fans in mind. Halo is for everyone. All the new system is doing is adding more options for those who want it. Speaking as someone who actually does use a woman Spartan in gameplay I’m perfectly fine with the options provided.

You can’t even see your character when you play my dude. Just like… is it seriously such a big deal you have to complain about it? Like cmon :confused:


Yeah, when customization is the sole driving force for progression I want a character worth customizing. there’s a big gap between buff man and “extremely thin” woman

Oh, and by the way the feminine Spartan thing was just one issue I listed of many and I paired it with lack of elites. Guess you all care about the body type more than me anyway. Either that or none of you read the original post.


You actually just made the case worse for your argument, they had an extra YEAR to fix these problems.


So the beta version of the multiplayer component of a game does not meet the expectations of a full previous game. That’s completely right and partly understandable based on the circumstances of the past 2 years. However I would advise reserving a bit of judgement until December 8th.
I really think that update will bring us more then just the campaign.

For the sandbox I don’t really understand where you are coming from, most weapons have good defined roles and TTK’s and new additions like the skewer, cindershot and electric weapons feel refreshing.

As an old school gamer I’m not very sensitive about player customisation and esthetic progression so I get the frustration but am luckily not bothered by it.

So far 343 has released a fun prerelease of a game I see future in and expect to be fully up and running within 6 months and I’m happy to have the opportunity to play it already.


We really do not need these sort of posts which will serve to divide the community.
Some feel that 343 is doing all they could. Some like me believe they can do better.

End of the day, everyone wants the MP experience to be significantly improved, be it defenders of 343 or people calling out 343. The real enemy are the ones who are content with what we have right now.

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I agree, unfortunately 343 are the ones who are content with the way things are and that sucks. They say they are listening but every single issue that players have had and given constructive feedback and solutions to for months now have all made it into the final game. Some will say it’s just a beta but not much is likely to change in the two weeks before the full release. My guess is we’ll get game filters but that is about it.

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The colour scheme thing really is the worst part, its like seriously? You want us to pay for colour now? And if we don’t want to pay we now have to UNLOCK COLOUR??? bloody hell 343i what the hell have you become. I’m ashamed of them.

Trust me we’re all bummed out with certain aspects of the game. But if there’s one thing I can be sure of, it’s that 343 DO listen. They’re taking a week off post launch and they deserve it with the time they’ve put in these past few years. The game isn’t officially out yet, they surprised us by bringing out the multiplayer 3 weeks early. The multiplayer is FREE, the campaign is included in game pass. It’s their first live service attempt. Things will be rocky, things will be lacking, events might be poor for a little while. Give it time, they’ll iron it out and add so much content. I’m just happy we have Halo back! The core mechanics are brilliant. Have faith :raised_hands:t2:


343i doesn’t need anyone to defend it, it’s a massive corporate entity, owned by Microsoft, one of the largest companies on the planet. They don’t need fans defending them. They’ve got high-powered lawyers (think Mr. Burns’ troop of lawyers) and a giant wall of cash between us and them. A wall that’s getting taller and stronger with every micro transaction.

However, while they don’t need anyone to defend them, attacking individuals that work there is really bad and can’t possibly be useful. Criticism, and there’s plenty of it to go around, is best distributed via the proper channels and never in the form of personal attacks. But, obviously, people can do as they personally see fit. I will personally try to stay reasonably calm and helpful with my criticism, even though there are things about Infinite that infuriate me.

Like people are technically free to attack people at 343i, although not free from consequences for doing so, people are also free to defend 343i, as little as they actually need the defending from anyone.


If there is one thing I have learned with 343i at the helm, it’s that while their games do get off to a rocky start, they improve overtime after the feedback from the Community is taken into account. Yes, some challenges are broken, yes, it is quite terrible to have colours locked on a battle pass system, but if Halo: The Master Chief Collection is anything to go by, these concerns have been acknowledged and will be worked on in the coming future. I have faith that this game will be 343i’s greatest product.