To Everyone defending 343 Industries

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Nah, everyone being like “Oh, it’s not their fault. Corporate greed is what’s killing Halo” are delusional. Corporate greed exists in every major game especially free to plays. Halo is by far and away worse than all of them. I understand that we’re going to be stuck with a grind and a bunch of paywalls that’s pretty standard these days. However, 343 aren’t even attempting to make putting up with all that worth it. Their customization sucks, their challenges are broken, their weapons are either broken or just flat out useless. They promised nothing less than Halo Reach on cosmetics yet there aren’t any female Spartans and no Elites. That’s half of Reaches customization right there. Plus, you can’t even pick your own color scheme anymore (that one really is corporate greed). Half of the challenges are next to impossible and not just because they’re hard. There’s no game filter so you have to random queue and hope you get the right game, hope you find the right weapon/vehicle, and then hope you get X amount of the certain type of kills you need and that’s the only way to progress. Most of the new weapons (except Cindershot) are completely terrible I mean random weapons in Halo used to be fun but not now that this what we get to use. And for the record everyone saying “343’s listening” No, these forums have been making all of these complaints for months due to the flights and 343 haven’t even acknowledged that this site exists. They don’t care, they’re not listening, and they’re LAZY. I know, I know, that last bit is going to make some of you mad with “but they’re really tired. It’s been such a hard few months for them” yada yada so on… this game doesn’t even have Slayer just Team Slayer in disguise, and like I said early no female Spartans. I’m sorry but when a AAA developer with the longest development time ever for a Halo and the largest budget in gaming history (500 million in case you’re wondering" leaves out core features that have been in all/most Halo games because it’s easier, all I see is pure laziness.


Maybe come up with something constructive rather than bashing people over the head for having an opinion, run on sentence Joaquin Phoenix Joker man?

This post honestly solves nothing and seeks to divide further burying actual constructive posts.


And I forgot to put before but unlike the past two halos where I just didn’t like any of it and therefore just didn’t play. The core gameplay for this game is amazing and I want to play it more than literally any other game out there but every time I load it up 343 gives me another reason to not like them.


Yeah, they get a ton of constructive feedback on these forums and have been for months. Point is they don’t care to listen to it at all. Let alone work to implement any of it.


I dunno, when was the last time you saw a AAA studio push back a title on the launch year due to player feedback?

Credit where credit is due.


They didn’t, Microsoft did, 343 doesn’t get to make that call. So yeah credit where credit is due. Thanks Phil Spencer you did something right for a change


Point is they don’t care to listen to it at all. Let alone work to implement any of it.

Of course they don’t care to work when it’s Thanksgiving. Let them recover over the holiday weekend, at least


If I’m not incorrect, you have to adjust your point that Halo 5 doesn’t have any female spartans.

If we look at the settings under the category Customize. There exist one main setting to adjust the gender of the Spartan is to adjust “Voice” in the category “Spartan ID” to one of them that represents the desired gender appropriately. In addition to this, it’s also possible to customize the “Body Type” with 3 different options in the category “Body Type & AI”.

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Umm… Halo 5 did have female Spartans. Halo Infinite does not sure you can change voice but just because there’s three body types doesn’t mean any of them are feminine. The smallest one looks about like males from previous game and the other 2 look like dad bods.


You can create a female spartan, it just won’t be called a “female”, because the team specifically avoided tying voice and body type to gender since in real life voice and body type are not actually tied to gender.


Yeah, we literally just discussed that. There may be female voices but there is no feminine body options


In most of the Halo games with defined gender for the Spartan in multiplayer, this has solely been inferred by the voice as many other indicators that can be used to infer gender is hidden like the face.

In Halo Infinite, they have given the option to choose the voice pf the Spartan which should be sufficient and should also be in part eith the standards set by previous Halo titles. In addition to this, it’s not needed to be forced to select our gender explicitly when it doesn’t contribute anything towards the game and when it can be done implicitly through the voice.

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You’ve been able to change to a feminine body type in Halo for over a decade now so no Infinite does not meet the standard set by past games. As I’ve stated many times now (guess it’s ignored) I’m well aware of voice options and lack of explicit gender labels. That does not change that there are no feminine body types despite there having been for the past 3 games


I cannot give you the reason because the developers who have suffered crunch are not to blame for the management decisions made by those above. You are not right and this topic is not constructive at all. They deserve to rest, period.

I mean, idk what you were expecting in terms of “feminine body types”. Are you referring to massive breasts and a slim waist and big butt? Cause I mean they’re augmented super soldiers, they don’t need to be explicitly given features like that in a first person shooter.

Is it really worth complaining about? Like wow, sorry your Spartan doesn’t have giant clappable cheeks, but there’s way worse things to complain about than the fact your Spartan doesn’t look feminine enough for your tastes.


I would consider the Spartan Body types seen in every Hal8 game to be gender neutral despite the fact that you where forced to use one when selecting gender. The system in Halo Infinite is simply better where they have given the player the option to use any body type independent from gender or any similar option.


umm… no something similar to the past three games would be fine. never asked for any over exaggerated sexualization. Not sure how you got there?

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except there is no feminine body type. Seriously am I talking to a wall?

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Okay but what exactly is it that you want? You complained about no feminine body types, but there are feminine body types in the game. Just because they don’t meet your idealized version of “feminine” doesn’t mean they aren’t that.

All three body types can be technically both male and female and non binary. They aren’t explicitly labeled anything. I mean girls can have bodies like that. I honestly love the currently system. Call me cringe or whatever but having a system without explicit gender labels where people can just choose their body and voice without worrying about a specific gender is pretty cool especially for the non binary audience. I think it’s a really awesome addition that they added and I’m glad 343 took the time to do it in a way that felt respectful. I’m really not sure what you would want, as you aren’t exactly being clear other than “it doesn’t live up to the previous titles” but IMO this system is the best when it comes to gender in halo.


EA on Battlefront II, it was not due to “constructive feedback” either but mass directed outrage which wiped out a few billion from EA’s share price that did it.

If someone saying “where listening” after being supplied with constructive feedback was going to do anything then what we currently have as a system wouldn’t have made it out of the Pilots test, it was clear back then and it is still clear now. The only reason anything is being done is because of the large vocal negativity across the gaming community towards Halo infinite’s monetisation strategy, not because 10 people wrote an essay on the forums pointing out what the dev team already know, because the dev team designed it to annoy you so it would nudge you towards MTX.

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