To everyone complaining about Monetization

I agree, it shouldn’t be free to play, and I agree on the paying for the items in bundles. I always buy the legendary, or highest edition of the game, because I am a fan. But I also purchased $100 worth of the points day one, and purchased the campaign. Because I am fine with backing their creation, and funding them.

Activision (ew) gave $500 million to Destiny, so obviously it’s not the largest budget. I think Gran Theft Auto was at one point though.

I’m pointing out that costs come from other directions. Just because you are trying to nullify costs, doesn’t mean that other businesses didn’t incur those costs. Again, another person who doesn’t own or manage a business.

I already said it’s not the highest budget, but that it is among the highest. They overspent and are scrambling to make it back.

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Never said they didn’t make money, the franchise as a whole is worth billions. Also, plenty of people have said they want it for free, or rather they shouldn’t have to pay for it was the wording. So, no 'weak -yoink!- strawman broski. Now I’m a shill for putting some math up on the board. Lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo

Halo CE HAlo 2 halo 3 halo3 ODST Reach all did not need monetization to work and they were all successes. 343 could have just made everything be released on the 8th and maybe would have produced better multiplayer…


Then they shouldn’t have given away the multiplayer. I’d rather pay for the whole thing than what they’re doing with this.


I was agreeing with you bud, not arguing.

They were not free to play.
They were also not a new engine.
I get what you are saying, and I never said that they were not profitable. I’m saying that they went in a different direction in order to pay for the free to play multiplayer.

Or they can always do the thing where people who Purchase Campaign are given say, 10k Store credits to spend.

That’s 5 bundles of armor sets. I think that will be a good compromise since we can hoard the credits until something we really want comes along.

BUT and a big but here, is I wanna see mix and match, and I wanna see pieces selling individually, or no deal.


I agree! That’s actually a fantastic idea. But from what I read earlier, or heard on a youtube video, not sure was that campaign would give items and such that you could acquire only on the campaign.

Thats a lot of assuming you’re doing bud

Microsoft made this game for pennies on the dollar compared to other companies who don’t have nearly the same resources

You obviously know nothing about supply chain management or took a basic IT class, and that’s a shame- because you don’t realize how goofy your post is

I see a lot of issues with this math. Steam users don’t include Xbox users, there are a lot more users that you are not considering. Why would employee salary not be included in a games budget? Where are you getting information on cost of servers and number required? I appreciate that you are trying to use some critical thinking here, but it needs work.

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Lmao, feel free to enlighten me on the costs then Leos, I am sure that plenty of people would love to read it. I blatantly said I used google.

WHOA WHO WHOA are you saying Microsoft doesn’t make money, the company that makes Windows the operating systm DOESN"T MAKE MONEY!?!?

Do you have any idea the kind of resources Microsoft has who has made computer opreating sysems since the late 80’s maybe even longer?

You obviously know nothing about company management and size… Microsoft is a very very rich company they don’t need halo to keep making money they have windows, MS office and probably many other products…

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You were doing okay up until the last comment.

No one is asking everything to be free, that’s just nothing but you posting a troll comment.

They are asking the company to be reasonable.

Edit: Who wants to make a gentleman’s bet that the assassinations will be sold to the shop with barely any of them if any at all through a battle pass?

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I read the intent wrong, sorry.

It literally says that the game budget included the salary when you look it up on google.

" For Halo Infinite, the $500 million figure will take into account salaries, advertising, marketing, testing, delays, licenses, and more"

I did not include xbox users because I did not have those numbers and knew that ‘guessing’ would probably not be helpful when I already guessed on the cost of the servers, but of course that would need to be added in.
The number of servers and the cost was blatantly posted as “Let’s say”, and I used a reference on google.

They don’t even have the ability to assassinate, it’s just ‘backsmack’ now.

They are not asking the company to be reasonable, they GAVE YOU FREE MULTIPLAYER YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY A DIME FOR.

They didn’t give the multiplayer away for free out of goodwill, they made it free with the sole intent of monetizing it, hence why so many previously standard features have been paywalled.