To Destiny or Halo?

As most people know Bungie is making a new game/universe called Destiny. I got a question, when Bungies new universe comes will you say bye to Halo and go for Destiny or stay, or both?

I dont know if ill make a switch or try to stay on track with both, Bungie makes really awesome games and stories but 343i is just starting their venture on Halo and despite what people say in the Halo 4 forums part, it was not a bad game for their first release on one.

Yea it has alot of problems but its still not bad for first time release.

Destiny, Halo, or both? Till then its back to the war games with my trusted AR.

There is no way to know until we have played Destiny. Even if I like Destiny a lot, I doubt I will throw in the towel with Halo.

I love LOVE bungies work, but after 343 and halo 4 I am leaning tord bungie. I would not call myself a halo follower I would call myself a bungie follower. They have blowin me away with halo and ill be there to support them with their new title because I know where they go in the gaming career if theirs they will not disappoint like 343 has for me and many others. You may say your a halo fan now but as soon as destiny releases an its been out for a while halo is going to loss a lot of beloved fans and followers

Both, why would I limit myself to one game or universe?