To be honest...

I LOVE WHAT IM SEEING! i mean everything looks BEAUTIFUL, the sounds of this game blow me away and we havent even got a direct look at it yet…dont get me wrong at first glance i was scared!

but after thinking to myself, there is nothing wrong with some change here and there, i mean 343 has already stated that it will take us back to halos mechanics that we all know and love.

yes we know things do look DIFFERENT, but i think once we see more then one gun and one spartan model you all will love what your seeing. and i am SO glad they are finally putting us in Master Chiefs boots!

i love the fact that we can view chief opening doors from behind the visor and i know there will be much more just like it, crosses fingers for first person warthog driving

remember things still must be polished and who knows some of the things we just saw might not even make it in the full game, so just be patient.

what do you all think?

oh and what do you think about this interview with Frank

The part about hearing the boots clanking on the floor got me excited for some reason haha!

At last! THANK YOU! <3

I share your excitement and I agree with you completely. Frank is one of my favorite employees. In my opinion, he influenced many of the amazing things in past Halo games.

and what is this perk system everyone is talking about?