To battle uneven teams

Right why don’t 343i make the mm like they did in halo 4 if the team was uneven a player would join a game it was simple and we always had players on the teams cause at the mo when player leave its leaving playing 1 vs 5 and so on would be much better that way cause at the mo there is nothing from letting players leave and your own you own


The system that promotes quitting.

No Thanks.

They need to focus on fixing the core MM issues.

Once those are fixed they need to impose penalties on quitters to make them think twice about quitting.

Ugh JiP might work for social playlists but this is suppose to be mainly ranked and I doubt most players would want that in ranked. They just need to enforce even team starts. If players start quitting cause they are outplayed then too bad. That’s how ranked playlists have always worked in Halo and that way they encourage you to find your own team so you don’t have to deal with quitters.