To anyone who wants to join our company

If anyone would like to join our company just let us know its JULIET ECHO WHISKEY.
There are no restrictions at all and we do not kick people ( unless they are a tool )
If tou just want to join purely for achillies and do not wish to game with us that is totally fine also :slight_smile:

This would do better in the recruiting forums. More receptive people and it it belongs in that area.

Can you put the link? please

Thatโ€™s a really cute name you have there. Anti-Semite inspired?

Also, there are literally 38216 Spartan Companies with less than 20 members. What makes yours unique? Why would I want to join yours? Iโ€™m not trying to be hard on you just trying to help you advertise.

Nope no anti anything just the company leaders daft humour.
Also you may want to join if you have a lifestyle where you cannot play often, without the worry of getting kicked. Also you do not even have to game with us if ypu would rather not and also we play custom nights from time to time.
In reality there are no special reasons to join this company, its more of a anyone is welcome if they wish to be part of something.