To any clans looking for recruits

I’m looking for a clan to join. My only real stipulation is that I won’t change my gamertag. Besides that, Im just looking for a clan of friendly people who love to game. If you are looking for recruits, message mycarnage2000

Greetings Comrade! I am the co-leader of the United Forces of Armageddon. We are a military-based clan that is fun and friendly. The UFA is kind of strict, but we are a talented group of players. We would certainly like to see you join our ranks. If you’d like more information, please click the link below or feel free to message me. My GT is Big Al 1300. Thank you for your time!


I am a recruit for the AWI Clan and we are a casual- competitive clan. I feel that you would fit in very well here. When I joined this clan, they took me in like I was one of their own. With this clan, you will feel like you’re at home. Everyone helps each other no matter what the situation. Your skills do not matter, good or bad we will accept you. It’s all fun and games here. A lot of our members are from different parts of the world so you’ll pretty much always have someone online. If you would like to join, I have already sent you a friend request on XBL. Accept that and then we’ll have a party chat just so we can meet and I can give you more info about the clan. If you have any questions or just need a little bit more information before chatting, click the link below for our website. I hope we get in touch, talk to you soon!

Hello, sounds like you might want to check out Midland Base. We are a casual group, not a clan, and we play for fun and have members of various skill levels and ages / walks of life. We have game nights / days several times a week that work well for people with limited time to play. You can check out our thread here for more information. We’ve been around for a long time.

If you find you are interested, you can register / apply on the link above. Our group rules come down to being a good sport. We don’t have a bunch of requirements like changing your gamertag, armor or anything. Feel free to message if you have any questions - my g/t is chipk77.